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Pidgeot Slayer
(Account not getting deleted, please remember me)

I am leaving

ARNT they called pokemon?
Pidgeot Slayer
September 10th, 2019
Lol, it looked like she stepped in white icecream or milk (I know she didn't)
Pidgeot Slayer
September 10th, 2019
Why is polestar yellow?
@pixlyJolt: I didn't mean it like THAT I think I worded it wrong. I won't buy it for myself if I had a choice and mega evolutions not being in it is not the only reason but if I get the game as a gift I will still play it.
I choose sobble but it's very unlikely I will be getting sword shield becouse they removed megas
Is she a dog or a fox like fennec is?
Is there an English version or is it only in this language?
😂 this is better than the modern spongebob episodes in my opinion
Ummm. Cool
Sisters* (unless the author changed her mind and wrote them as friends instead)
He is so skinny!
In their defense they were just protecting themselves. I don't think they knew how long the white would have spread so they wanted to be far from her so they didn't get it aswel.
Question 3

To Trainer, Elite four team, and mewtwo: what would have you done if mewtwo killed eve?
Question 2

What gender are the birds refferd as? (I forgot their names)
To everyone (or just the trainer) who is the strongest Pokémon that was ever in the team and who was the weakest (currently alive) one?
It doesn't look that much of a distance away why are they acting like it's a journey
Is it becouß he's a cat and cats are scared of water?
I kinda like her better when she looks like that in my opinion :)
I hope there won't be much more swearing