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Pidgeot Slayer
(Account not getting deleted, please remember me)

I am leaving

Then what comic(s) won?
Did the comic win the nomination thing?
I thought deku/bellsprout was a she
XD I guessed correctly
Celery is joining him!
Green: says he lost
Picture: is not his Pokémon
Wait... what!? She is actually a he?
Did eve (the mew) grow eyelashes?
Next page
Hello, sorry to sound rude but when will the next page be coming?
I enjoy making the comic
It's fun to do sprites of the animals, make the backgrounds and make the story etc.
I won't want to discontinue this one unless I really have to
Sprite comic
I am starting a sprite comic
Making it was really fun in my opinion and much easier
All sprites are made by me
Why did you reply to my comment and they way you said that reply made me look like I was the author when I am not
Pidgeot Slayer
February 15th, 2019
Sorry to break it to you but... the comic was discontinued a long time ago
Are we ment to choose!? (Seeing how another comment suggested I will aswel)
Try to eat shoe or somthing on the floor?
1) it was a 5 week old comment, in that time I would have beated pokemon let's go, super mario odyssey again! And I don't even play my switch much
2) I was forced to hate pokemon
Ummmm, i quitted pokemon a long time ago and you reply to a very old comment of somone on a Pokémon related who quits pokemon, could you have at least made a separate comment about my comment due to the comment being really old and me quitting pokemon and not wanting a notification to a Pokémon related thing
First page!
Tiara was hard to draw, she is transformed in the guinea pig's crown.
The character that replaced bowser is blaze the echidna (she/her)
The guinea pig is any gender you decide for them to be ( in this comic).
I got a notification there was a new page, but there isn't /: