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Julian or Yoshidakid
HEY LOOK I'm actually 13 now! Profile pic made my this cool bean!
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    Julian Avila
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No I need to stop looking at lux
@Lady Lu-san Even a Joltik? That be funny if a human was turned into like a bug pokémon or something small
@Ark Bluegate No I didn't make it but I got permission from the creators friend and linked the creator in my bio :D
I hope your summer is fun too!
This Joltik looks nice :3
I'm reading this Great comic this summer! Really I'mma just play video games and occasionally go to an amusement park
He sad, maybe mad, but at least he's got FLOOOOOOOOOF
Yay everyone is self conscious :D
Theres a lotta hics goin on also I think she's realized that she's not exactly the best
Celebi is caring and lux is too adorable help me
Also yes the floof is probably comfortable for sleeping I mean I haven't tried sleeping with floof, but I've felt floof,
Happy borfday sowwy I wasn't here yesterday
Whole body stretched
I can't unsee that whenever I see evolution now ;-;
Eh they were asking to die :p