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Julian or Yoshidakid
I'm actually 12 but they don't allow that "•~•
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    Julian Avila
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Don't question it,everyone is suprised when a new eeveelution comes out :3
"I don't know!!" Boi make one up... I dunno maybe kishi comes to mind :P
Moana means ocean in Hawaiian language and popplio is a water type :3
Big birb big ego
To Naya: Why do you love water?
K I read the rest of Espurr kishi and I sorta have an understanding of what is going on now 😅
I mean we all know atty will live somehow because he is one of the main characters but maybe he will actually... Die?
The pikachu in the 2nd panel looks like Pulse from the other comic
Is it
Kill ho-oh?
Xael I have the exact same react.
Still can't get past the broken next links on deviant art sooooo.... I dunno what happens after chapter 2.... Also oi waz up sasha
I made a deviant art and started reading the old one but the glitched next buttons stop me from progressing past chapter 2... Is this Sasha?
Are you still accepting questions?
To Drizz: What is your move set?