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And also he does not deserve the punch
Who was the one who fell off the bed
Let me guess, the next page is the last of this chapter
Is the next chapter about leafy and flare?
Leafeon walks in
Ohhh god
Is he gonna get another punch in the face?
Nah that's Undertale
Are you actually going to explain everything about berserkers? I would be too lazy for that
Like the Z move never-ending-nightmare?
Yeah, I thought the schedule was at least once a week, not once a day
That's actually true
But her dad wasnt in the house if I remember correctly
She was... Let's just say there was someone else in the house
Speedy, you mean she was murdered but you didn't want to say it?
Why does it sound like Speedy knows what's going on
That's why he ended in because
Or maybe his sentence was interrupted
I think they are all around teens
Is it just me or does the third last panel look like Speedy has a nose bleed
By the way, has a anyone seen Lazuli's eyes in the second panel
It HAD to be the bookstore

Imagine if Silvia was here. She would be groaning.
Maybe they'll be given in a bit, PKM doesn't forget things like that.