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um hi. i like comics.
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oh my god. the answer to my question. i am literally dying of laughter. lOOK AT THEIR FACeS-
will there be any angsty max? im just wondering, because all the other characters seem to have some sort of defining problem in their backstory, or at least a hint of one. it always interests me to see characters who seem to never be sad show a little more- though i honestly dont mind, i will forever love max lol
dude what the heck
I literally began to cry after seeing this page...
all teh feeeeeeeeeeeels :')
thats a wierd way to say date me
i just binge read this all in one day and booooooy the emotional roller coaster
their like "oh no its the scalpel kid"
i dont know which of them is more adorable. i also dont know how the author managed to make snake hair look cute.
top bunk boy is cute!