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[June 2011]

I'm gone now. Thanks for all your support! C:
Sergio's a stalker kid! *u* <3 <3
And he's so cute too~
...asdfghjk...It's hard not to pair Simon and Sergio up... >0<;
September 29th, 2010
<small><strike> hiatus will be a bit longer... (A lot longer actually) "OTL

I'm sorry ;A; I have a lot of thing to do right now, (like schoolwork @A@ ) so the comic won't be uploaded for a while.

I'm sorry guys ;A; but I promise I won't forget about it! ;u; I have the first chapter all written out! ...but that's from a year ago... /epicfail
@ Iceball3 (Guest) - :0 I never said I'd abandon the comic... I haven't uploaded in a long time, but I still want to continue it.
I have a lot of things to do right now that are more important than my comics, so it'll be awhile though... ;A;
September 29th, 2010
Why does question duck make me so happy? ffffffff @A@"

lol but I love the simplicity of your comic~ Good work~ ^0^ <3
...I love how the guys always stops smiling after a question too XD
lol that nidoran is hot! XD
but I do love Dragonthing~ He's just so cute~ >0< <3
That's so awesome~ lol I wouldn't want to pay a hobo to guard my stuff, but it sure looks like Astir doesn't mind XD
...I'm sorry guys... "OTL

The truth is I've never really been into this comic...I was at one small point, but the the world of boy's love and gaiety came to view...and I never looked back...

I'm not going to continue this comic...I'm sorry, but I'm so bored with Sparrow's Song now... ;^;

Sparrow's Song was supposed to be my first comic ever, so it was a complete test run...I had the basis of the story, but I never knew how it would progress or what the dialog would be. "OTL The characters never had a distinct individual personality even in my mind either (no character developement) It got more boring as I thought about it, so I switched to a BL comic and had so much more fun thinking and creating a story. *failure*

But I would hate if the comic just completely died, so I'm willing to hand over all the characters and story basis to anyone who wants to continue it, if there actually is someone who likes this that is... (I don't blame you if you don't...I don't even like this comic anymore >w<;; ) Whoever wants this can message me and I'll hand over the domain to them~ They can interpret it anyway, and change the story almost completely if they like~ All I ask is for alittle credit on atleast the character designs~ <3 <3

But please tell me if you want to use the characters for your own story or something. I don't want random people claiming these charcters as their own design and saying "she said we could have them" or more than one person taking the character designs and starting to fight about it... =A=;

I hope you guys can understand! I love you all, thank you all so much~ <3
EDIT 2011 MAY -
All explained here ->

<strike>"OTL I'm very sorry guys! ;A; I've been so sucked up into the South Park fandom...South Park gaiety makes me so happy... ;w;

But I really want to do YMTO! I have the story down to the 2nd chapter...but I've been trying to finish my entry for an awesome South Park contest and another cool plant contest thingy on dA *0* <3 ...I'm a procrastinator...

But I've gotten so much better in my art! (there's none of my new art on smackjeeves though...sorry OTL )
I've got the fandom of South Park to thank for that... ;3; <3 ...of course now when I look back at all my comics my old art makes me want to puke... >w<;;

But anyways...hiatus I guess...just until the contests are over (around late May or early June?) ...forgive me ;A;

<edit> actually I have to do some art I promised for some people "OTL After that I'll do my best to upload...sorry guys ;A; </edit>

Thank you for all the comments and stuff! I'm sorry I couldn't make the "100 fan" thing better "OTL ...but 100 fans from this old crappy comic? You guys make me so happy~ ;w; <3 <3 Thank you all so much~
I was looking through my folders and I found this....I did the lineart 2 months ago...did i just...forget about my own comic? ;A; *ifail* OTL

I'm sorry, I've been really into South Park lately... forgive me...but look how much better this page is compared to the rest... ;w; *shot*

I'll try to update something more recent soon...not next week though..I have alot to do then... ;w;
...but I'm still reaaallly obessed with South Park, so.... updates will be really slow... *hides* I'm sorry! @A@;

Thanks so much, I love you all~ ;u;
That was epically awesome *0* <3
I'm sorry! I haven't worked on any of my comics for awhile now... School is evil... and stress = chibibarrage's head hurts = can't work on storylines = no comic updates... ;w;

(see what school has done to me? I'm talking in math terms ;A; )

anyways it's a gijinka... It was made for a dA club ( ) submission

please don't get mad at meh... ;^;

BTW the background was made by
Well Poseidon, staring at random people is pretty creepy... I would do the same >w0
I'm sorry guys! ;o; I'm still trapped in the wonderful world of South Park and BL! >w<" But I did change the banner and layout alittle...FAIL...
Updates might not be for a while...But please bear with me! ;w;

Anyways here's alttle filler I drew a while ago to show I still love you guys <3
Wow, Astir...that's a nice way to compliment a man... >w<;

Anyways hope you feel better!
Wow! I go away for a while and find I have over 40 fans already! *w* I love you guys! >w< <3

Anyways sorry for the late update! I've been drawing lots of South Park lately and watching alot of Soul Eater... Then there's "South Eater"...=w= lol look it up on youtube (it's awesome! ^o^ )

Oh! and I changed the layout! Tell me what you guys think! feedback is always nice! ^w^
Why? Because You're the main character/uke Frey! you have to get to get hurt! ^w^ ...and because i like hurting your cute liitle face >w<


pwnlil: Thanks! I won't do my best, but I'll still try to make it look kind of good ^w^

gizumimipichu: but he's such a looser... >w<

Pingu: it's ashame cuteness won't get him far... >w0

To all who read/fav Thanks so much! <3
...I'm happier with this page than the last, but it's still pretty messy... o_o;

I think I'll redo and replace the "cover" sometime this month... (needs better coloring...) but not next week since I'm going to take oil painting classes then... isuckatpainting>o<

Well anyways thanks for reading! you peoples make me so happy! >w<
Yay! I'm glad Eternal Gift will be long ^w^ More time to enjoy the characters! >w<
Aww! She's so cute in that hoodie! <3

Is Growlithe her favorite pokemon? 0w0
Aww! Thanks guys! I'm so happy you two comment alot! >w< (it makes me feel loved *shot* )

Gizumimipichu you're always so nice! >w< But you don't have to lie! It's okay! I know my chibis need work ^w^ no worries!

Gremlin your art is lovely! I know when I was 13 I couldn't draw on the computer without making it look like scribbles! ...actually I still can't draw digitally... I use traditional art to draw everything 0w0; (I need to work on my digital skills...) ^w^; Keep working on your art! You have great potential!