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I- I'm crying I swear
aw, while it may be disappointing to get a dupe July is adorable! I hope she finds her place on the team
Save states? are you playing on an emulator?
Yayyy Vulpix! I love ninetales, it's awesome you got a vulpix after the last one used roar lol. Did you just immediately throw a pokeball or get lucky?
Owo orb here to make things better
the mad lad did it y'all. She's gonna kill the raticate. also big boi Abrus is best boi
Well i just read all the way up to here in one day. But i just gotta mention... doesn't Green's raticate canonically die during this battle? because if you do that to him i dont think i can handle this emotional abuse
Late to the party
I just found this comic and started reading so but i dont think ive ever fallen in love with characters so fast. I just really love the pokemon and the way you draw them!
aw i love the way you draw lillipups. also firedog is adorable and this has made me like patrat lol