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A normal girl from Sweden, 18 years old, love Yaoi and drawing. Aint very good yet, but I'm trying my best :)
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Lovely comic!
Can't wait for the next update :D
I love vampiers... ^-^
Good luck with the new job :)
And I hope for more updates soon, but take your time if you need it ^^

And gosh... those two are to darn cute! XD
I'd deffinately check it out :)
I love vamps ^^

Just don't neglect this comic, cause I really wanna read more :D
lol, sounds like my uncle and my computer. When it doesn't work, I ask him for help. As soon as he gets close to it, it gets fixed xD
June 8th, 2008
Ok... you just made me cry...
That comment was so...
*Sobs and goes to get all my napkins*
May 29th, 2008
*sniffle sob*
Poor cry...
May 27th, 2008
I can't wait to see how it ends. Yet I dun want it to end.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, poor cry! >.<
Mwahaha, cool! XD
Yes, more meetings XD

Rape! And the cute kind! XD
*Ish a perv. Me knows*
Emo demon! XD
Lovely! :P
I just read it start to finish, and I love it! Can't wait for the next update ^^
Makes me wanna roleplay some fairytales, lol
May 23rd, 2008
He can't be dead O.O
It not possible!
I love this comic! >.<
Their love can't end like this! O.O
I love this comic, you rule!
I wanna read moooore ^^
Just read it from start to end! LOVE IT! :D
Great comic ^^

*This is oficially my first comic since I became a member :P*