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Experiencing Sleep Paralysis for the first time was weird because while it was scary it was more irritating than anything.
Most of the time, thoughts like this are best kept to yourself. Especially if it's about someone you've never talked with before. (Also, does something seem different?)
His name is Dewey!
Tomorrow is an important day!
We're up all night to Get Lucky!
In case you guys are wondering, this is not the first time this has happened.
I'm trying to go through a med adjustment now, so I decided to make it the subject of the next story I'll tell on here. (I will explain what's happening as I go on with this story. Also, I'm still going through the process of the med change, so if there is a delay it's most likely because the next part of the story hasn't happened yet).
There is actually a typo in the previous page, that's why this page exists. (Also I know I'm not really well known yet, but I appreciate the fans I do have. You guys really help to keep me going!)
I think it's pretty funny that the Area 51 raid is scheduled for the same day that Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch comes out!
Nothing is without flaw. Even if it's one of your favorite games.
I can't think of anything to add about this. (Also in regards to my last news post my tablet is fixed now so I shouldn't have to worry about not posting regularly for now!)
ABBKG is going to go through a few changes, here is the first one. Also there are no hidden messages in this page at all. Absolutely none what-so-ever.
Hey guys! I'm glad to be able to do comics again now that I have my computer back! Also, this looks strangely familiar...
Anyone else ever feel like you're being attacked by yourself when you don't feel like you're being productive?
Now, back to our regularly scheduled nonsense.
Here ends Ian's Story. (I hope you're having fun with Grandma little bro).
Just a heads up, there will be no comic tomorrow because of Easter. May your baskets be overflow with good treats and the drama kept to a minimum.
If you were wondering, we found out later that "Blue One" meant Fireworks.