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sorry, no new page this week bc I'm a little busy catching up on my work, so as an apology here is a quick color version of the main character, I also put the original drawing in so u'll know what page it is from
crappy excuse for a forest, I'm horrible at this, it look more like a big blob than trees and branches, oh well just got to practice more
Yay, second update this week
wow two pages in one day, I'm just in the mood
it's a semi boarding school, you can live in dorm or live at home it your choice
Eternal gift sound good
OMG!!! I lovvvve your comic soooo much, I will be waiting for ur update.....
i'm loving ur comic so far *fave*
this is really cute.... I love it, *fave*
love it.....I wish my skill were as good as you
this comic is the best