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Not all of them…

But the real question is how many. If only the ones that did any saving get written in history, we could be talking about tens or even more failed humans. Assuming that failed ones get replaced soon after.
Don't bother with bipedal walking, you have to learn out of it at lvl 36.
Ok, so Wheeler just died there. I guess following seasons are now cancelled.


I quite liked the comic. Especially the absolutely shameless way of making jokes and outside references (probs the theme of this comic), which gave me quite a few laughs.
Our lovely duo is back! Which means the egg is back! Which means the fingernail-chewing inducing egg-hatching tension is back! Which means…

The Great Egg Poll is BACK!

Relieve your tension into this quiz and we will find out which pokemon will hatch from the egg! It's extra short for your minimal effort!

Do the quiz here: Thank you for all answers!
Phew, this was some "intermission".

I do hope Briar's story keeps going in another intermission or at least in one page extras. (DO IT) Usually rival is always left out of story exept the rival battles, but this genuinely left me interested in Briar's adventure aswell.

Well, I hope for the best for Nimbus' team.
Hold on, how did Nimbus attach that bandage around Briar's arm? Using only her beak and legs it seems quite impossible.

Maybe she's using the same tying magic that Peako used.
Ask nicely? Losing the last bit of pride?! I'd never!

Also @Mouse, was the crested taillow at page 4 Nimbus?
I called the last frame!

I hope though I didn't call rest of her journey last page.

But for real, I love the deepness of the characters and plot in this comic, which I can't find in other more realistic-flavoured comics.

That is why I keep tormenting Mouse with my comments lol. Sorry, not sorry.
"And so, reliazing the hard world outside Littleroot, Briar returned back home and wouldn't leave it again.

At Littleroot, all the pokemon laughed at Briar how she came crying back. Briar had though turned quiet and lonesome. One might have called her depressed.

Eventually, when Cedar returned back home after her adventure, the whole village rejoiced, but in the festivities, Briar shared only one long sad look with Cedar from afar.

In the morning, no one could find Briar anywhere. She had most likely run away, because no one would ever see her again."

I'm calling it.
"Seed bomb" is apparently super effective against dark-types.
What?! Why did she suddenly change her attitude?

She has no trouble stealing unborn BABIES, but she feels bad when Briar gets into self-inflicted deep trouble, at which she laughed at just before.
What, she got her comeuppance?

I'll wonder if she'll actually learn something from this…
OKHO! You win!
Well that was convenient. Too convenient.
There's that mild blood we were warned about.
Maybe one of those poochyenas has some kind of mental or attitude problem to tolerate Briar.
Well that went nice. I hope Briar didn't kill any pokemon. Also lol that tantrum in the 3rd frame background.

Is Storm's lack of crest a sign of young age, or just unique detail? Usually (irl) males have more decorative coat than females.
Ah, there it is. The "Or else…" -strategy.

Can't wait for the results!

Hopefully she'll find someone who can handle the recruiting.
I bet either Celebi or Marvin is the Zoroark.