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The name’s Sci. I’m usually a very bright minded a patient individual. I usually spend most of my time reading Comics or games. I’m not a master artist, but I have the skills of a story maker. I usually like the unusual variety of Video Games, brain teasers, and card games as an odd mix.
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Rip Kalvin boi. Also, I'm surprised no one has noticed that there are colors outside of page 1 and cover art. Aside from my tiny ramble, I hope that rest shall help you succeed!
Very excited! I wish you the best of luck. No need to rush, young grasshopper- Err, Lurantis? Closest to a grasshopper I could think of.
That fricker fracker!
I think it’s for the best, Kalvin. She finally lost her mind.
*sees the pictures on the first panel*
That is the sweetest Misdreavus I have ever seen. Can I hug it?