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I get the feeling that'll bite him in the ass later.
It's OK, we forgive you.
@Charil: Swine flu :P
@Charil: "Overstayed" eh? :P
@Charil: You know I don't think I've said this yet.... I love your expressions, so animated. Oh and the colourings fine, you worry too much lol.
@Charil: lol I forgive you :P
@Charil: Casually suggesting everythinggggg D:
"Oh, blonde girl!" *clams up*
I was never that excited about art class in school lol.
RUIN him. And then he just keels over.
What a frail fellow.
@Charil: Calling it now. He dies. And soon.
Believe it or not, people vote for you!
That guy needs some sun... or a sunbed or SOMETHING.
Oh god... here we go~
He should go to class. Skipping is bad~
lol oh dear.