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You know that feeling, when you just got something really nice... and you're then worried about losing it?
First Full Evo!
Naturally, Buddy talks them into staying and camping for the night... so there's gonna be scary stories after marshmallows! XD
I always love how fast Metapod and Kakuna evolve, even though I should KNOW how fast lvl 10 happens, it's still always a nice sort of surprise when it happens. I remember when I first played Pokemon and the feeling of getting my first Beedrill/Butterfree was better then a Badge.
@MR.Zoet Thanks, I'm doing my best to still keep a bit of the original feel to them, yet also mix in a bit more realism. Hope to keep things interesting for you guys, thanks so much for your comment ^u^
Okay, so this took a while to figure out how to set up. >w<

In my Nuzlocke playthrough, after I defeated my old bugcatcher friend and Lass, I turned around and did a bit of grinding before fully heading down Route 3. So, so many pidgey...
Most experience is gained through Pidgey.
Familiar Faces!!!
This is gonna be a long chapter XD
Time for a deep breath, a rest at the Poke'Center, and then,
we're on our way to Chapter 2 !!
A little low on Hp, but still none the worse for wear!
Hopefully nobody's ears are bleeding XD
You know you've got Brock on the ropes when his Onix resorts to Screeching at you! XD
I've been wanting to draw Onix since Page 1, it's my favorite Rock Type!!!
Typhun may be tired, but he's not quitting!
Working on being less of a Slowpoke...
At a Slowpoke's pace...
I was really hoping to wipe Geodude out with just this one Bubble... but no...
A bit of my Pokemon lore for concept and context...
Rapidly Pressing A increases the strength of your BUBBLE! :D
Sorry for the bit of Hiatus, things got pretty busy RL. Thanks for your patience <3