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Lancelot was an ASSHAT
I like webcomics, Gaia, attempting to create my own webcomic and failing, reading, and other such things. I'm a college student, political science major, and I play the bass clarinet. I work as a receptionist in one of the departments at my uni for minimum wage and at this point all I want out of life is a window sill and a potted cactus to put in said window.
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Tumblr. Yes. Do it.

Also, :D I love how he makes it almost awkward with his question, and she's just like "YEAH SEXEH TIME!" xD
A friend of mine has declared that Vito has epic hair and that he wants it. This is surprisingly possible for him. :D I love Derek's expressions on this page.
I would like Vito to be my new best friend. Just saying.
Norwegian Forest Cats want representation, yo. xD
We all must face the facts - Ronnie IS a pimp. Totally. I'd let him be my pimp any day. >> And on that fine note, HAPPY NEW YEAR. And, also, great page. I adore Jordan's face in the last two panels, and Harrison is such a loser. <3
Nieves is my new favourite character. I think I love her. <3
Ah, Everley. <3 He's so cute and intelligent.
My friend's 9 month old baby sister was a lady-bug too.

Except she was wearing a lot more. And no fishnets. I think. O_o
Isabel is me apparently. O_o Because I swear I've done that before.
*excited* So happy this is returning. <3
DUDE. Story of my life right there. I swear that tire thing has happened to me before.
Araceli's face pretty much describes how I'd react. XD KICK HIM IN THE SHIN, JORDAN!
That old lady will haunt my dreams. Just thought I'd let you know.
Now I wanna see Tweety drunk.
Cody. Last panel. <3 WHY DO I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH?! AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY REAL?! I really wanna give Derek a hug. Or all of them. Multiple times.
Jealous Greg is jealous. <3
I AGREE WITH HARRISON. It should be pink. <3
His jewfro makes everything better.