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Sorry if it looks rushed im just trying to to get something out before im gone for the next few weeks since i might not be able to work on this
I'm not sure when im going to be able to upload again so if you managed to somehow stumble across this, stick around
Oh boy
This is gonna be my first ever attempt at making a comic of my own. I've been following the PMD comic for around a two years or so and have always wanted to make my own. Now i'm finally getting round to it and i'm feeling kind of nervous that it wont turn out very well

Now (sorta) begins....

....Pokemon: Mystic Mystery
Oh the foreshadowing
Found this comic recently and I think it’s great, exited for what’s to come keep it up
No don’t hurt him!!!
Oml the art looks so clean
Well what can you do you don't even have thumbs
So you woke up as a pokemon one day and you're worried about forest stairs?

Glad to see she's got her priorities straight
I'm sure this comic will get even more successful!