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5th grade? Wth is this, this a LOLI STRY!? *screams INTERNALLY* *Goes to next page* "Oh, it's ok, false alarm" *Soinds the air raid siren*
@jellyskink: I care a lot about how grammar and quotes are used, it's a habit I picked up because coordination with your team will always be misinterpreted if given the chance and when quoting it's best to surround the whole sentence with quote marks and half quotes for the quote itself. I think this is a weird style but it works for me in games and forums.
(English is not primary but secondary language)

Lucy, what have you been through with Jhon and others..?
Wrong Jirachi, if you only met human/ Sylveons then that statement would've been true.
@Biscuit: \('_' ) Thank you creator...
@Ulta: \('_')/ It works!
@jellyskink: I love butt images..
Does he have no chairs on the first floor, because they went upstairs just to get two chairs in a corner.
@jellyskink: Your link leads to a comic whos main characters name is Copenhagen, a capital.