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Hobbies: Drawing, going on the computer, cooking, playing my drums & guitar.
Like: Animals, Art, Comics, Anime, History, Music And some other stuff.
So I guess he might take George's jacket and George would have to wear his jumper.
February 17th, 2014
What's Bram's ranks anyway? Is he rank c or b?
maybe he might know what the boss is, or thinking too much.
George is the first one to the scene, I bet George will scream in dispair if she saw charmander evolve, quickly throwing an everstone
January 24th, 2013
He doesn't even need to kick the door down. He'll stare furiously into the door's soul, and it will open.
what a mean friend.
Did Miriam ever found a fujoshi comrade during her time writing in college? Also is there a place where miriam posts some of her stories?

What is your favorite novel? Miriam's favorite novel?

If every family family member turned into an animal according to their/your personality, what would they be?
i wonder if he is going to stomp all of the bugs to get the fire out.
i bet he is just getting his bag and george is like my hero until he runs away after he grabs his bag
nows your chance, take the pikachu out of his bag George! X )
oh noes. what will happen to atticus's cigarette. probably start a fire or something
kind of confused with the last it mathew's doing or something to do with joey.
XDDDD now i wonder what those people hiding in the bush would do.
i would rather see atticus kick pikachu just for it being in the
was it if charmander got hit by the water his tail would go out?
why in screentone this guy reminds me of johnathan and kain......
why do i have the feeling he is going to be like, "and if you don't do this, i'm throwing you off the cliff"
pfft! hahahahahah XDDDDD omg. even vlad was like WTF.. XDDDD now we know vlads last name. lol Pfft~ XD
now i am wondering what he messed up...hmmm...
man....which joey are you guys talking about there is two...the one that is joey who is also named jonathan or joey/kain........T_T
i saw the commerical banner on the sidebar of smackjeeves on the homes site, it looks cool, and awesome