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Thief of SOULS
I will eat your babies. And then I'll use the force to make you kill yourself with my lightsaber.
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    Darth Rae Rae
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Don't hate on the rosary, slut!

Blake should elbow Cain in the penis for that.
I like the dark one.
When a mother gets angry, she turns into the Hulk. No lie, maaan.
Yes. Yes he DOES look like a little faggy boy.

And Imma sex Nicolas. Hope he doesn't mind. If he does, then fine, rape it is. XD XD XD
Blake is so damned adorable, I love 'im...
Yes. You WERE the only one thinking that while looking at this page. Freak.
Gah. Last panel is really depressing...
I love her already. I mean, I would so tap that. (So I like innocent girls with lively styles, so what?)
YES!! Hate on the whores!! WOOOO!!

I'd high five him, but he'd stare at me and I'd probably get mad at that and I'd "high five" his head.
He's my new hero.

I'm not a jerk....

*shifty eyes*
I would have punched him in the face.

I don't have anger issues....

*shifty eyes*
"And thus began the great war..."

And he's so stupid: "Holy shit, it worked!" Idiot.

I agree with Snowy... Long hair's okay on guys as long as it's tied back. Then it gets ugly and tacky as soon as they let it down.
Oooh, nice butt shot. <3 I bet I'm not the only one oggling (*cough* ERIK *cough*).
Sleeping Brett IS cute. *cuddles* And Erik needs to be humbled, like for real. Arrogant douche. Oh well, as long as Charlotte kicks his ass, who cares?

And I think one of Erik's theme songs is Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy
Oh my God that's such a cute page! <3
AWWW!! TEH BUNNY!! <3 <3 *cuddles both the bunny and Cain, because he's holding the cute wittle bunny wabbit*
Oh God, they're all crazed. XD I love it. Plus, Blake's still kind of on top of Cain...
My brain hurts. This chapter was an extra, right? Or was it still in the main thing? I'm so confused...