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OH HELLO THERE!She'll be so much fun!
@Moirai:Sorry, I was too lazy to log in because I was on my phone.
another one!
Name:Clarice Belgarde
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: People, interruptions
Info: She spends most of her time playing her violin or at the orchestra club, but she ocassionally swings around the host cub to eat cake and other yummy stuff. She's really dedicated to her music.
Hello, hello!
This is my host, Antoine Belgarde.
He is the perfect definition of pretty but stupid :D
AGE: 16
Likes: Seeing people smile
Dislikes:Being bored
Info: He's pretty laidback, mainly because his head is always in the clouds. He enjoys activities that allow him to socialize and he really likes making new friends. He's a pretty good listener, but not exactly the best at giving advice.
hi guys! So I was wondering if you guys would like to be a part of this project again?
The other day I was feeling down and I remembered how much fun I used to have with this.
I can completely understand if you can't or don't want to, which is why I'm asking first.
It'd be really nice to share with you guys.
Bye :)
age: 17
sexuality: bi
There'e probably nothing much else to say except that nat loves laughing at other people. She's not above a cruel joke or prank. If there's anything else she loves more than that, it's lazying around.
Sasha's toenails are so cute! I love her already and Claude sounds like a hilarious character to write!
Ok then, I'll just wait for my app to beaccepted and thenI'll post my characters bio
So then is it gonna follow an order, or can pages be posted as the artists finish?
wohoo, excitement!
I'll send my application then
I agree with the redo idea :)
let's wait and see what everyone else says
so glad you're on board angel, I love your art ^^
hmm maybe a new version? because I don't think every author will come back? maybe...what do you guys think?
hmmm I actually missed this too, what with college and everything else I've fallen into a comfort zone that I can't seem to get out of... this might be a great way to force myself out of it, practice and have fun with you guys :)
I think that might be the worst part of those kind of break ups, being so heartbroken and knowing that it's, in a great part, your fault.
yooouuu keep getting better and better
September 19th, 2011
I was just reading the prev page like a minute ago, then you updated. I feel spe-shul. But my mom always says I am (ba dum tshh)
Loved the alt text.
Happy birthday honey! best wishes and I hope you had a great time (:
Awesome page as always, Jennifer seems the kind of girl I would have beaten up as a kid LOL (:
love her, she seems like a lot of fun
Holy Crap! This is so cool, and you guys are so fast! And so creative, you make me feel bad about myself OTL
lol, all these characters are soooo cooool :D