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i'm too lazy to capitalize and fill in more of this box
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finished reading! i like your style, I have the same hair i believe, that you do and feel a kinship!
just starting, super cute so far!
Blam! new page
The art gets better, I promise...
This is what i have so far! :)
lemme know what'cha think
I'm pretty happy with how Harley came out XD
Oh shit!!!!! that was epic!
fantastic story
happy to have found this, only a couple pages in and i'm loving it!
always been a petshop of horrors fan and so far the story set up reminds me of it :)
not to try and compare stuff but yea, any way nice work
;__; i'm so sad for charmander....
I have a serious soft spot for him since he was my first pokemon
Pikachu is gonna be so sad... or is gonna thunder wave her so he can get to ash first lol

I've always been a big Misty x Ash fan too!
Pikachu really looks like pikachu here <3
read the whole comic last night ^_^ how cool that you updated today :) love it!
nice art! it's a cute story idea too :)
aw, he couldn't do it T-T lol
That's such a cute picture!!!
aw, where's pikachu >.< Ash needs him
Ur right Kupocchi! he really does look seme O.O
oh and T-T poor ash
Cute! like like how you didn't use a hard black outline ^_^