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I'm a digital artist who likes drawing Pokemon.
I have the communication skills of a rock.
oh and if you want a character in my webcomic, send me the character's name and appearance, NOTHING ELSE
Freckles make her look tougher, cool!
He actually really reminds me of Vay from SSEC. Except he’s got glasses.
“Good morning random unconscious guy on the beach! The world is about to be destroyed!”
That should be the first chapter title of like every PMD comic.
I suddenly realized the ear positions match the expression in a natural way... how long has this been happening?
@Neolancer: he really, really cares for a select few people, as we’ve seen with Kareena when she was attacked.
Again. How long did this take?! I dread drawing rain, what’s your technique?
Mild blood, eh?
*looks at every story I’ve ever written after I was 11*
*laughs slowly*

As a mosquito buffet, I feel your pain.
I think I just figured out the strategy Azar's using. He's just dodging and not doing any damage himself until a. someone sees them, b. Dewott gets tired, or c. he gets tired of dodging and reks Dewott.
*suspicion intensifies*
So, Buddy's personality is different from what we saw in the test comics. Interesting.
That... is a REALLY cool looking helmet.
Awww. Have a good break.
This might be just me being weird but
The way Clara is drawn is angular, similar to the way many cartoon villains are drawn. I keep getting this weird villain vibe from her.
Probably just me though. I’m not trying to criticize the art style.
I understand her reasoning, stealing a lot of phones doesn’t make you an Internet addict. One phone is good enough for most.