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I'm a digital artist who likes drawing Pokemon.
My communication skills are pretty subpar so sorry if I said something awkward :/
oh and if you want a character in my webcomic, send me the character's name and appearance, NOTHING ELSE
If I walk by my birdcage and don't bring treats, Rio and Emily will both give me "the stare." And I feel really bad.
And I've got more of these little buggers on the way.
"Take that, Deadwood... or should I say, Deadbush?"
Just wow.
Enjoyed this comic so much, and it's a little bittersweet to see it end. A wonderful ride, thank you for all of it.
@Blaze01 *insert incoherent screaming here*
@IconicAnemone: I am accepting cameos now, will put that in a news post.
This took much too long. Sorry, guys.

I refuse to draw a walking vegetable.
agghh it's awful.
the reason he drags you into one is because he wants to share the fun with you.
I identify with that Blitzle.
This is an extremely accurate depiction of me.
2 Dragon Dances later, Altaria reks Pikachu with a +2 STAB Return.
I really like Weavile's design here.
Hey Pinkeevee, the alt texts are no longer visible on previous comics for mobile, instead showing a link to the next page. I think this is because you changed something so clicking a pic automatically links to the next page.
you're back!
I was thinking, if you've got Pokemon to help you cook, costs of making the food wouldn't be that high...
And now we get to see how cute she actually is. Never seen an adorable hellhound before? Now you have.