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I'm a genderfluid/panromantic human owo

My pfp was made by a friend on another website :)
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Robin wanting to talk about boundaries,,,, makes me happy
September 13th, 2019
Is it stupider spelled with an "i" on purpose?
Maybe the first time I'm saying it, but DEFINITELY not the first time I've noticed it: Devon looks so much like Aaron Burr in Hamilton and it kills me
well fuck. At least most of her classmates don't see anything coming from it....
literally just burst out laughing, thanks dude
Oy, spaceman! -Donna Noble
@ARRON: It's probably a humorous headcanon XD
@Belgarel: I mean, it's mostly the way it's repeated. Like that cowboy episode in series 7, it's a lot like how the Doctor is always so merciful but at some point he's got to say No More. (Not even kidding I'm wearing a fez and a shirt that says "nevertheless she regenerated" on it rn)
The title gives me many a Doctor Who flashback... Dalek Caan being all "I saw the Daleks. What we have done, throughout time and space, I saw the truth of us, Creator, and I decreed, no more!" and the War Doctor blasting the same two words into a wall in Arcadia, on the last day of the Time War... these words just hold a lot of meaning for a whovian XD. But this comic is worthy of them! Best webcomic ever! And I'm so glad we're finally seeing Maria again!
Happy Birthday!!
Why does Obama have Hillary's pfp? XD
Rudy is so sweet <3
Not redundant!
I see this page mostly as assuring us that Emily took Debbie's talk to heart, and also that she trusts her girlfriend enough to inform her. If not for this page, I honestly would have been worried Emily didn't tell Rain her mom was back, and that would have made me really stressed for the entire chapter, or more.
As a genderfluid person, I agree with that. All of that. Never assume we're our assigned gender, it's the worst possible feeling. Protip: Use they for everyone until you're sure of their gender. Please, it will do us all a world of good.
I forgot that Ana never came out to Gavin... I get that she doesn't want it to be a thing, and that she basically is cis, but I think he would worry less about her if she told him <3
Yes!!! Ruby strikes again.
@Belgarel: Like, Rain and Emily aren't gay because they say "no homo" before they kiss goodnight XD
@Chrissy: In her ignorance, she could also be thinking that you're only gay when you're dating someone of the same gender :P
Honestly Holly is kinda amazing XD her innocence/oblivious-ness makes her a lot more open to others. And Devon is such a great dude to not be an ass about Ky
@Rae: Helping friends distracts you tbh, I speak form experience