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Depressed, nerdy, homeless, engaged trans woman.
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    Sophia Kinnee
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What do the numbers feel like, Annie? 😄
Last panel, Annie should end with, "noone sings alone" instead of 'along'.
Vic's subconscious seems to know what's up, that or he's just.... I don't know, am I reading too much into how he speaks and acts here?
I know this post is necrotic as heck, but if anyone else is like me, I needed what this comic did in a lot of places. Many of my emotional wounds never healed right, but instead got infected (and I still tried to ignore them). Your work ripped the scabs off so they could drain and heal properly (with the help of my gender therapist).

In such a very specific type of situation it was a necessary evil for me to relive certain things so they could finally be addressed.
OMG, bill with that cis, heteronormative, vile Fucking garbage way of thinking driven home in the last panel. 🙁😒😡😤😖😫😫😫😫
That self loathing is a feeling I know all too well from my 'Seven Years of Darkness' that included as many suicide attempts and generally self destructive behaviour.
Sometimes I was very much a Pokemon, "It hurt itself in its confusion!'
And she's thinking, 'what the? The right side IS fine and you went for the lef....ooooh, your right and left in relation to me.....ooooooooow!'
That line in the last panel makes me think of when I came out to my Dad (Lutheran pastor). When he hugged me and said, 'well, I guess I have three daughters', I was at once so crushed by how much time I had wasted in denial and then repressing/in the closet, and just a release of so many stressful and negative thoughts I had about myself as being a sick mentally ill abomination.

Then I felt a bit of hope as I realized I could move forward and be ME.
I still was essentially closeted to everyone outside family and friend for another two years until reading a large chunk of this comic the first time around very violently and tearfully rebroke my egg and I started hormones and fighting for my proper name and pronouns to be used (surprisingly my dad did it from the start with only occasional slips and didn't need browbeat.)

Your work has helped me so incredibly much in so many ways, thank you.
Wow, this, this takes me back to a pretty dark place. I had similar feelings after I was sexually assaulted and it too me a long time to completely get over them.