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The action, the dynamic characters, the rendering!

I am utterly spellbound!
Dear Nozmo:


Some pages are fairly horrific. The next few will be too.

I plan on building up a buffer of strips, but I'm hella impatient most of the time. Maybe there will be a double update saturday? Maybe just a random page or two between now and then? I dunno.

If the composition of this page doesn't make sense, hang in there. The next page should clear things up nicely.
Omigod. I will TOTALLY be at both AWA and Dragon*Con. Hopefully I'll have a table at AWA, too. HOPEFULLY. Asdfdfkl. We should so HANG OUT AND STARE AT HOT GIRLS.
I had grander plans for today's page, but life intervened in an unfortunate way. Wednesday will be hella better: It'll be a REAL PAGE. Also: boobs.
I can not tell you how freaking fun it was to draw that damn skull.

Oh! And the flowers are Carolina roses-- they mean "Love is Dangerous." I need to learn how to draw them better on the tablet because they are pretty much the official flower for MTY. I need to learn how to draw EVERYTHING better on the tablet.