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I'm here to maybe write a comic(more like try to write half a dozen) and read a bunch of comics.

If you're doing an animal comic or LGBT comic, hit me up some time. I'll read most anything and get back to you on how it reads and maybe critique and review your stuff if you like. Anthro, furry, feral, human, fantasy, I'll go through most anything.

I tend to stray towards humor, even comedy. I do tend to indulge in gore, dark, grimdark, and apocalyptic comics as well. I enjoy the spectrum of horror and macabre and light-hearted and whimsical. Psychological thrillers, gross or gorey imagery does not turn me off. Nor smut. I'm a big boy and love me some smut, especially well written.

I only read English, with semi-proper French -just enough to get me through- a bit of Latin, and even less Spanish. So if your comic doesn't have an English translation, I won't be able to properly read it without struggling.
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It's a slow progress to nope-ville.
@hamncheese95: She's not LGBT friendly. Time to trash her. Cat would approve. (Maybe everyone would.)
@StanleyComics: He's making sure he's still in shape, nothing more.
Creepy foreboding feelings are happening.
Orphan bonds!
Orphan club time!
Ow, my feels.
Relatable af.
Hard carrots.
Not all bears are massive, some are very small.
More like night boners at this rate.
Oh no, oh no, oh oofs no.
Scarf already looks ratty.
I love the scarf perspective here.
Hey, look, a corpse.
What's the worst that happens to a dead being anyway?
Must be a drawback to becoming a night walker.
PEE time.