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I am an african american otaku who enjoys a good comic and a good game on the xbox, I enjoy Yuri/shoujo-ai comics, as well as sprite comics. unfortunatly i cannot make anything like this so I am only viewing others works.
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8D yay update! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? >;(
June 17th, 2012
random but cute at the same time ^////^
:D I love your stories keep it up X3

I like where this is going...

and I'm glad i'm reading these again... it's been a stressful couple of months :/
say what now? o.O
yes finally caught up with this X3
March 15th, 2012
D: i'm liking where this is going

btw, I like the random prince name a couple pages ago "lotsalance" XD
YAY!! \^_^/
._. I wish I had friends like that...
Damn useless A-holes >.>;
GAH! finally caught up! T.T I can't believe I forgot about your work! I feel like I failed as a fan! :cries:
I like how the red girl is in constant :o face XD
December 12th, 2011
why yes...yes I do know a lot about guns...although I know enough on how they look like :p never held one before though...just know the difference between one and the other. I'm still surprised that a couple people said that the pistols were desert eagles when they were clearly not.

oh well anyway love your comic still keep up everything :D
December 12th, 2011
@Calocor Dude not to correct you but those arn't Desert eagles, those are Colt M1911's

and your m16? it's not even an m16 it's the M4 carbine, the m16 has a longer barrel. your other guns are spot on as far as I can tell except there's 4 machine pistols. :/
November 19th, 2011
hey a 1911! :D
Remainder...chill out boyo...the phrase isn't REALLY racist however, it would have been better if you had him say "I really hate the COLOR black." it would have probably worked out better.

Now another thing (and this is purely my opinion) it would have only sounded racist if he said "I really hate blackS." (Emphasis on the S.) but seeing as he said "I hate black" it could be aimed at the color and not the race. yes?

so STOP FREAKING OUT! :smacks you with a dufflebag filled with bricks.:

but so beautiful sniff:

I loved this story so much...I hate to see it end but, I love everything you did with it, character developement, designs, even the quirky jokes these past couple of years. Again, no matter what you plan to do in the near future you will have a dedicated fan. :'3
October 30th, 2011
last two panels

he's still pissed that he got kicked off your announcer team huh? XD
October 25th, 2011
@yeaka I've looked around and noticed that yes flowers don't, or can't have COMPLETE darkness to grow...however, some plants do grow at night with help of nocturnal creatures and insects.

I do like how you picked the magnolia as the flower of choice. It's a beautiful flower in its own right (even if it is not a complete darkness flower :p.)

if this helps I found a list of flowers that grow at night
he'll be a househusband :p