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I don't like to boast but....
I am AWESOME. I'm not one of those emo chics who jokes around and pretends to have fun whilst actually hating themselves.


I also love bears, gay people, the primary colors, MENZ (am STRAIGHT), Art, and colorful music.

I don't care whats popular or "in". I want an afro for christmas and an acception letter from SVA.

I am the Vice President of Art Club, and the Historian of Anime Club, so I'm pretty busy (and broke i.e. NO JOB) but I'm here when I can be.

Oh, and I hate stupid ignorant people. But Honesty and kindness can be redeeming enough for me to ignore stupidity.

K...Tedmo out. *flies away*
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Awwwww. COME ON.
I am seriously going to hate this story if Shiba doesn't bust in and kick some ass.

And if Akira knew his brother was like that then why on EARTH would he risk being alone with him??
The boy may be book smart, but he's all kinds a stupid *shakeshead*
: D
an update.

I like Ed. The boy follows his intuition.
*pats his head*
Man, I am seriously getting sick and tired of Andi's nakedness.
I mean, first while we were reading Elise's last letter, and NOW after such a sad chapter we get this inappropriate cover.
It takes away from the seriousness of the situation.
It could just be my weak, simple American mind, because I understand that in some countries nudity is fine.
But, I disgress, it just bugged me.
Thats nice.
*joins their hug*
*raise hand*
This question is probably inappropriate...but does Marcus know Andi is gay?
LOL, I just googled it.
Nice, man.
I love this comic so much.

Ahhh, I love this comic.
February 10th, 2009
Keith's uncle is the fineness.
I'd so tap that if it weren't gay.
January 26th, 2009
Liam's eye-brows are manly *nod* Yup.
Takes a real MAN to own a heart tube pillow.
conveniently placed knife appears!
January 25th, 2009
I can't stand girls either, hun.
This comic is truly amazing.
Keep up the good work.
January 17th, 2009
LOL, you should use Liam's face as an avatar for your LJ XD
Peter and Charlie are scared~ XDDDD

I love FLCL!!! That's is my SHOW right there~~~ I'm gunna buy it off amazon soon as it's cheap XD
January 15th, 2009
Speak of the Devil
Liam has smexy eye brows in the 2nd panel.
LOL, compared to whats going on Charlie looks so dumb and happy XD
January 14th, 2009
I just love your style so much~
And your characters...
This is my fav comic on SJ...NO contest.
January 13th, 2009
*crawls into empty frame*
Liam looks so cute on this page.
I call my grandma , "Mom-mom". But my character George calls his grandma "Jay-Jee" XD

TEGAKIIIIE....they advertise for cheap, also the DA advertise thing, adcast -->

These cost MONEHHHH thooo....

Uhm, what I would do is ask your artist friends who have comics here if they'd help you advertise, and in return, you' d do the same for them.
January 6th, 2009
You better not break Clover's heart, Monday. Or the fangirl's will chop off ur junk.
January 4th, 2009
@UkeVamp: LOL.

My face kept getting closer and closer to the screen as I examined each panel....
Them's ahhh....nice chest...ah...ya got there......
*rubs it*
*runs away*
January 4th, 2009
Sorry about the rough critique. Your dialogue writing skills KILL mine, so I really can't talk XD
This comic is SWEET so keep up the good work. I....I just love Clover's hair soooo much.
*burrows in it*