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I don't like to boast but....
I am AWESOME. I'm not one of those emo chics who jokes around and pretends to have fun whilst actually hating themselves.


I also love bears, gay people, the primary colors, MENZ (am STRAIGHT), Art, and colorful music.

I don't care whats popular or "in". I want an afro for christmas and an acception letter from SVA.

I am the Vice President of Art Club, and the Historian of Anime Club, so I'm pretty busy (and broke i.e. NO JOB) but I'm here when I can be.

Oh, and I hate stupid ignorant people. But Honesty and kindness can be redeeming enough for me to ignore stupidity.

K...Tedmo out. *flies away*
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Awwwww. COME ON.
I am seriously going to hate this story if Shiba doesn't bust in and kick some ass.

And if Akira knew his brother was like that then why on EARTH would he risk being alone with him??
The boy may be book smart, but he's all kinds a stupid *shakeshead*
: D
an update.

I like Ed. The boy follows his intuition.
*pats his head*
Man, I am seriously getting sick and tired of Andi's nakedness.
I mean, first while we were reading Elise's last letter, and NOW after such a sad chapter we get this inappropriate cover.
It takes away from the seriousness of the situation.
It could just be my weak, simple American mind, because I understand that in some countries nudity is fine.
But, I disgress, it just bugged me.
Thats nice.
*joins their hug*
*raise hand*
This question is probably inappropriate...but does Marcus know Andi is gay?
LOL, I just googled it.
Nice, man.
I love this comic so much.

Ahhh, I love this comic.
February 14th, 2009
XD No one is fighting. We just disagree.
Yassa doesn't have to worry because:
#1- Her fans are NOT fighting, I'm not a fan of this comic :}
#2- No one is fighting.

Disagreeing is not bad. As long as both sides are making valid points, it's more or less a discussion.
If getting along means agreeing with each other, then I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
I disagree with the earlier opinions.
I'm not bashing you guys, Yassa, or this comic.
I'm allowed to NOT agree with you, and thoroughly explain my reasons as to why.

But I've said all I meant to, so I'm pretty much done. I tried my best to state my opinions in a way that wouldn't offend. If I failed in that attempt, I am deeply sorry, and will remove any hurtful comments.

In all honesty, I don't get what I could have said to state my opinion whilst catering to the rest of your's.

If your definition of "fighting" means having opposing view points, then fine. We're "fighting".
February 13th, 2009
@ Ninjies- Damn right. Thank you.
@ Ryokoson- Just because we're not all giving Yassa ass pats doesn't mean we're not getting along. We're just saying, every comic deserves a good review. Because no matter how good you are you're always going to need to improve.

Because, you guys are not going to tell Yassa she needs to improve. In fact, if one of you says "Hey Yassa, this story needs work", you guys attack that person like they did something wrong.
Critiques= good.
What Narcotic said had some valid points.
I think the only people butt hurt about it are YOU guys.
Yassa is a good comic artist. I have faith that she can take a rough critique.
February 12th, 2009
No one is arguing about anything.
Everyone is saying "Why is she flaming a comic made for fun?"

The answer:
Because 3632 people thought it was better than other comics that are also made for fun, but have better story, funnier (not corny/cliche) jokes, and actual character design.
No one is arguing.
What would be the argument, I wonder?
Whether or not this comic deserves a harsh critique?

Let me say this:

Some people would give anything to have 3,600 people care about their comic.
Those people work hard on their comics, spend time drawing and writing the story, designing the right characters.

....and yet you all chose this.....

Ha, It's like, why even try to make a good comic, if it's so easy to appeal to you guys?

You just draw some animal ears on your characters (all male cast of course), have them try to screw each other...and let the fans roll on in.

And that is why this comic was given a harsh review.

Not because Narcotic is "jealous".
Not because she has no life (well, that might be true, but I don't either, so....XD)

No one flammed anyone. If anything, the people who commented on Narcotic's journal are "flamming".

If you guys don't care about what Narcotic said, then ignore her. She didn't drop the link to her journal here. She doesn't care if you read it or not.

Yassa can have her fun. I'm sure she's just happy she as 3,600 people reading her work. Good for her.
No one is stopping her from making this comic. NO ONE.
She can do whatever she wants. She can ignore that review and continue this comic as is. She'll still have the top spot.
February 11th, 2009
Whether or not this comic was made with serious intentions or "for fun" has nothing to do with whether or not it's deserving of a cruel (but valid) critique.

The fact that this comic is #1 on the top comics page is enough for it to get slammed.
No one slammed Honeydew Syndrome when it got to the top. WHY?
Because it was a damn good comic. I'm not trying to compare, but if you get 3,600 fans and your comic is less than're probably gunna get slammed.
Just because this comic was made for fun doesn't mean it shouldn't get a harsh review. It's just like in any place, when something gets undeservingly popular, SOMEONE will call it out for what it is.

Of course there's no reason to slam a comic made for fun....UNLESS, that comic acquires 3,600 fans, that is 3,600 something EXISTING people who give a damn about it.
February 10th, 2009
It's not Yassa's BAD
Okay, to RozenTea, what is there to be jealous of?
This comic does have beautiful art. But that's...about it.
I think Miss Narcotic is right on the money.

I've seen alot of comics have what Yassa's does:
-good art
-animal ears

That's all your comic needs to climb to the top on SJ, really.

Narcotic's entitled to her opinion. And by spamming her and harassing her for the sake of this comic that is as RozenTea said, JUST A COMIC, you are all in fact showing her that yes, indeed, you do care about what she thinks and you do take this comic seriously.

It's not Yassa's fault she got a mean review. Some points of the review were valid, altho harshly put.

The fact that you guys can't admit that, is WHY Yassa's comic got slammed.
Because fangirls fav mindlessly, and instead of just admitting straight up that Narcotic chick is right and that we all faved this comic because it had gay and animal ears, you try to say that the comic is better than it is.
This is why I prefer shonen:
Most otaku males can tell a good story from a bad one, and at least they'll admit they only read something for eye-candy. A girl would just try to "puff" up whatever it is and try to act like it had so much "meaning".

I'm not going to lie. I saw the art for this comic and thought to myself: Nice art.
But as the story kept on, I was deeply disappointed.
This comic is not that good.
Certainly not good enough to snuff a thorough review.

It's frustrating to me that there are artist on this very site RIGHT now who worked WAY harder on their comic, have WAY better art AND a decent story and actual existing character design; and you all chose this comic over them.

You all let this comic climb to the very top of the smack jeeves favorite list.

THAT is why this comic got slammed by Narcotic.

Now, maybe Narcotic was extremely harsh with the way she put it. But I agree with her completely.
This comic has gorgeous art. But the story and character design are NOT good.
If you can't see that...then I don't know what to tell you.

It's not a matter of opinion..or taking a comic seriously. It's about quality. And the fact that this comic is NOT worthy of 3,600 fans, yet it still has them.

I'm not trying to hurt poor Yassa's feelings. I have no harsh feelings to her or the comic itself.
What I do dilslike and what Narcotic probably dislikes is the HUGE fan base this comic has.
There are far better comics on this site, deserving of your fandom and more.
But as usual they are forgotten in the midst of comics like PikaSemeChu.

It's not Yassa's fault her comic got slammed, it's all the people who fav and "love" this comic so much, dispite it's many flaws.
It's YOUR bad.
February 10th, 2009
Keith's uncle is the fineness.
I'd so tap that if it weren't gay.
January 26th, 2009
Liam's eye-brows are manly *nod* Yup.
Takes a real MAN to own a heart tube pillow.
conveniently placed knife appears!
January 25th, 2009
I can't stand girls either, hun.
This comic is truly amazing.
Keep up the good work.
January 17th, 2009
LOL, you should use Liam's face as an avatar for your LJ XD
Peter and Charlie are scared~ XDDDD

I love FLCL!!! That's is my SHOW right there~~~ I'm gunna buy it off amazon soon as it's cheap XD
January 15th, 2009
Speak of the Devil
Liam has smexy eye brows in the 2nd panel.
LOL, compared to whats going on Charlie looks so dumb and happy XD
January 14th, 2009
I just love your style so much~
And your characters...
This is my fav comic on SJ...NO contest.