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(Don’t worry about it, I know that you’re a busy person, you take all the time you need ^^)
5th panel cedar is absolutely adorable ^^
Also, all the background Pokémon from the third panel being moved slightly in their corresponding directions in the fourth panel to show that they’re walking is such an awesome touch >w<
YW ^^
I also think it’s a great storytelling narrative that cedar is being given a reason to fight roksa, as opposed to just doing it for the badge, really clever way of keeping the gym Pokémon relevant to the story ^^
The little heads of the characters in the dialogue bubbles is such a nice touch, really good visual effect imo ^^
The earthquakes and the return of a Pokémon they hadn’t seen in years
Delilah is the embodiment of this comic’s fans: one look at cedar, and she instantly grew fond of her ^^
And I get the feeling cedar’s going to have that effect on many others down the road X3
YW, the two new characters look interesting too ^^
I really like the design of the shops, it fits perfectly with the town ^^
I wonder: are there gyms in this story?
It’s the one with all the cocoons and webs
That city kinda reminds me of the bug gym in Pokémon black 2 and white 2 ^^
entirely for the egg, cedar has left her home, protected it from strangers, nurtured it on her travels and now talks to it; Cesar is best mom
I didn’t expect that tbh, I thought he’d just say no XD
(Great looking page btw, cedar’s yawn is adorable ^^)
Also great page, the shadows look nice ^^
“Your team is like a family” probably wasn’t cedar’s best choice of words when wesen was discarded by his actual family ^^;
Don’t worry about it ^^
(Also, also, you should totally check your PM’s XD)
YW ^^
(Also I recognize the pair in panel 4, nice reference :3)