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I'm just some guy who really likes webcomics, so I decided to start one or something...

Want to contact me or send me fan-mail? Feel free to contact me at (no spam please)
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My Eyes
Hephaestus is more of an Earth, Wind and Fire fan while Ares is more of a Village Person guy.
Sorry for the lack of update this long. As I am starting my Master more seriously, I cannot promise a schedule for updating. Please bear with me as I try to update as often as I can.

Good to see that Pythia/Oracle is still around but she is missing her Apollo...
@Hyper Shadow (Chapter 8, Page 9): It could mean that he would only destroy all the Greek humans. It could mean that he wants to offend the other gods who would find it more of an annoyance over anything. After all, the Divine care nothing for mortals save for this guy Prometheus.
Sorry for being so late, been starting to do stuff for my Master of Social Work, which may incidentally make it so I may have spells of disappearing from updates. If that happens, I apologize in advance.
Make your own Himouto!
I do not know the maturity content rating of showing a bare butt on smackjeeves, so if this is seen as more mature and I need to censor it more please let me know...

@Novanto (Chapter 8, Page 7): :D
In my headcanon, we were brought into this world with predominantly dominant phenotypes like Black Hair and Brown Eyes and the more recessive phenotypes started expressing once we started mingling with the divine.
Sorry for being late, a lot has happened to me this weekend.

@Hyper Shadow (Chapter 8, Page 5): I don't think they made anything together, but one noted canon myth is that either/both of them were there to split Zeus' head open to let out Athena. Possibly more on that later...
@BurstThrough (Chapter 8, Page 4): She was, but she had more of a prominent role in the play Prometheus Bound where Prometheus helping her out on the path to becoming human again would start the events that would birth Heracles, bringing his suffering to an end and full circle. Too bad it was supposed to be a trilogy and we only have the one play.
I resepect other interpretations on Hephaestus and some are done better than mine I admit, but I just want to tell a good story and explore the motivations of this god that few people wrote about and so long as you guys enjoy that, then that's all that's important to me.
Fun fact is that I used Jim Henson's face as Prometheus' template. Also, Prometheus' design is based on the first draft of Hephaestus, where he would have had facial hair.
Re uploading Page 3 as something probably happened when I set the timer on smackjeeves. This also was a problem for the second Poem of this chapter, so I know you guys weren't reading all my hard work :P
Yes, I am calling Kratos and Bia as Might and Force. You can probably guess which one is Kratos and who his design is a tip of the hat off to.

@WarriorNun (Chapter 8, Page 1): I remember reading that version in grade school. Boy was I in for a surprise when I grew up.
Hyper Shadow (Five Years of Hephaestus): perhaps it's just the occasion. Or perhaps there is a multiverse and she's one of 52 alternate Aprhrodites and at least one of them is nicer (more likely the former though)
Five years ago, I uploaded the first page of Hephaestus the webcomic on Deviantart, initially just to practice drawing and to put all the cool stuff that I learned in my Cultural Foundations class at NYU into practice. I eventually got into making classical poetry to add to the narrative and then things have spun off from there. Over the last five years, things have changed a lot for me, and it was seemingly a running joke that I wasn't able to ever rememebr the anniversaries of this series.

It's thanks to all you cool readers out there that I was able to contiue on this comic series. Hopefully, I can entertain you all with more stories and I hope I can grow as an artist thanks to all of your support.
@Whip the Rabbit (Chapter 8, Cover): It's not going to happen to him literally, but it is still a nice cover...
@traca (Chapter 8, Cover): I'd let you guys interpret it for me...
Prometheus Bound
Fun fact is that this was one of the many ideas I initially had for Chapter 7. Another fun fact is that one of the reasons why it took so long to make Chapter 8 was because I spilt bourbon on the original draft of the layouts like a dumb butt.

@Whip the Rabbit (Chapter 7, Last Page): we'll get to that eventually...
@WarriorNun (Chapter 7, Last Page): :<
@WarriorNun (Mother's Day 2015): You do it for him, and you do it again,
@Novanto (Chapter 8, Teaser): it was just a teaser idea at the time. This is the real cover
@angelfox (Mother's Day 2015): You do it for her (that is to say), you do it for him.
Chapter 8 Teaser
This is a drawing I did one year plus ago for the potential Hephaestus Chapter 8 cover. The cover has since changed but it's interesting to look at. If you can read Greek, then you'd know what's written. The series is returning again soon...
Steven Universe Themed Mother's Day
Hephie isn't the only one raised by more than one mom. Help me, I can't stop watching this show...
To be continued in a future chapter, but not one too far in the future...

When I planned this chapter, it was supposed to have concluded at the middle of winter and the whole part of Kore going missing to begin in Autumn. Funny how things work out so I didn't finish it until May. A lot happend for me mostly with applying to graduate schools and trying to find work and suff, but I'm glad that I finally managed to work and finish this.

My sister is graduating college in a week and my family is planning a little trip to celebrate the occassion that both of us have finished undergrad. I won't be near a scanner let alone a computer for a while, but when I finally get back to the city hopefully I can start working on the next chapter. Thank you all for being so patient.

@BurstThrough (Chapter 7, Page 23): pretty much. All mortal life depends on Demeter, so Zeus is in quite a pickle.
@Hyper Shadow (Chapter 7, Page 23): :o
@Novanto (Chapter 7, Page 23): :<
@Whip the Rabbit (Chapter 7, Page 23): Indeed
@WarriorNun (Chapter 7m Page 23): They are all pretty much personas of nature, so anyone of the Olympian gods can do a lot of damage if given the reason to.
@Atomic dragon (Chapter 7, Page 23): not this time, but Zeus is in a situation where he isn't in control. We'll have to see how this pans out in a future chapter.
Demeter has major balls (figuratively) in grabbing Zeus' beard while threatening him.

@BurstThrough (Chapter 7, Page 22): I guess some personality traits are hereditary
@Whip the Rabbit (Chapter 7, Page 22): perhaps. I have no idea how Poseidon would hide though on land
@Novanto (Chapter 7, Page 22): :D