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I like to draw Pokemon, and im not actually the age it shows (i just say 1995 because that was the release year of Pokemon)
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He has a sugar rush from the Popplio Pop
Articuno is so OP, as it can learn both mind reader and sheer cold. It's my favorite moveset!
am I a nerd if I try to catch the whole eeveelution squad in Pokemon Ultra Moon?
(btw latias and latios r my favorite pkmn)
My thoughts when I see this page:
ooh theres a dratini and a whismur i hope they join
then it turns out they're evil
When I showed my 2 friends this comic, i was like "PLS READ THIS I WANT TO ANNOY YOU BY TALKING ABOUT THIS COMIC AND POKEMON" and their response was "no." I eventually forced them to read the comic though. lol
nooooo don't trust strangers
He could be trying to kidnap you
that's what i thought when i saw the last slide
you have 3 pokemon dude use them! o wait its LV 2
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: ok
wait that was quick in 3 minutes wow
wow you have such amazing art!
My webcomic is bad lol
I love how you make the character's poses so well!
mudkip trying to get their autograph in the first panel
You're a wizard poochyena!
@Surfersquid: oh I tried to save up for it but gave up halfway lol I didn't know it was impossible
In Let's go Eevee I beat the Elite 4 with a Lv 4 Metapod
Oh I remember that person! I was thinking "stop wasting your life, do something instead of just sitting there!" Oh wait he was STANDING FOR MULTIPLE HOURS STRAIT
Kit: What would you say if Penny lit you on fire accidentally?
Penny: Whats your favorite type about being a Pokemon?
Cedar: "I didn't steal anything from you at all! Nothing! Except maybe um EVERYTHING...."