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None can change my mind I am who I am and if you don't like it you'll have to support it ☺??
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@Umbreon5456 Dont think because is the truth she really is check the journal of pkm on deviantart of her past
Check deviantar journal of pkm bout her past
In deviantart there is a journal made by pkm about her past
In smackjeeves there is a journal that pkm did about her past
I dont know how he gonna help you
Maybe that you can confront them or something
Thanks I didnt knew when it gonna be updated
We did at least I did knew and probably manu people too because of deviantart
Woah didn't expected this science xd
At least writte an opinion about the page xd
Flareon 1225 I know but still if that gonna happen and the accidental kiss happened it has sense since she vaughn them 1 time then she gonna caught them again and prob now too
Have more sense my autocorrector
Flareon 1225 Like the first chapter when the accidental kiss passed he got embarrased and I think more than now and much more thinking after this special chapter would be chapter 3 and in it something similar passed so it actually hace more dense than any other