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Sorry I've been inactive so long.
There's been some things going on in the family, and I completely forgot about Smackjeeves.

I feel really irresponsible. I'm always the one making excuses and such. But I need some time off please. Not feeling up to comicking. Haven't been for a while.

It's good to be back! Those ninjas were awfully tricky, but not as tricky as me!

Aaaaaand I just saw Ponyo in theaters last night. It was great. Four things that describe it: Cute, Random, Child Endangerment, and Transvestites.
Hi, I escaped from the ninjas.

Sorry it took me so long to upload. I've been having to take care of the baby cousin. @_@

So yeah, sorry I went a lil overboard with the censors. But at least it's finally up, no?
That totally should happen!

LOL, it's into it's third comic and there's already an idea for a spin-off.

I suppose someone should continue the chuck norris saga? Only, the next one would be the dramatic conclusion?
Fruit salad... yummy yummy.
That's Hannah? The "HE HAD TO DO PAPERWORK!" Hannah?
I've played this since like, forever.

But in third grade, I thought it stood for bologna sandwich.
xD Thanks. I love the artwork, by the way. This looks like the beginning of a stellar comic. And I had no idea that was Chuck Norris when I wrote the Dialogue. xD. But, now I can totally see it. :B.

Very nice, guys, very nice. Oh, and, I'll begin the concept for comic 2 right away!
Oh, Oh, I am! I will save you and beat up all the enemies with my trusty toilet paper roll!

So yeah, you're in good hands.
I keep getting tricked! Wuchaaa!

Why am I so gullible? At least I still know Santa exists.
I've heard this one before.

But I heard it differently. It's supposed to say "the floor beneath him was wet", so that would clue you in that stuff was melted blahblahblah. Or that he peed himself.

And I like the shirt. xP Goes with the Jacket.

Very nice fashion choice Mr. L.
Well I'm baffled as to what the answer is-- but I think I might be on to something? Perhaps? Probably not.

Anyway, the top of the ceiling-- wouldn't that be the roof? Because im pretty sure you cant be on top of the ceiling unless you're on a roof.

By the way, I like the jacket ya got there! Stripes are always the answer. A quarter of my clothes are striped.

lol @ me talking about your fashion choices rather than the comic.
Ohjeez, this brightened up my day. I laughed so hard I /ALMOST/ peed myself. Only one person has ever made me pee myself.
I like nuts with my pistachio ice cream.

You wear glasses?

Why doesn't the comic Jacob whurr glasses? D:

For some reason I imagined you to be mexican. :o