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I hadn't done anything on here for 5-6 years. So, anything you see if hecka old man. And then I tired again 3 years ago and that didn't work. But all my favorite webcomics are in my favs so I'm not gonna delete this account. But if I even do make a webcomic. Chances are it won't be here and I'll just post up a link or something. But for now, don't burned your eyes with the old webcomics. They are here mostly for nostalgic purposes. Thanks
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What can I say? sometimes I still read this comic when im down. It really lives liven things up xD
I just want to say that this comic really remind me alot of real highschool life. It kind hurts. But in a nostalgic way. I find myself laughing and sometimes almost crying. Its truly a good story. Thank you.
Vanilla laying down the awesome plan xD
Poor Herz. He's happy. But he probably still missing something and hes not sure what yet
Woah there heart! I actually started tearing up for a moment there. I guess because after knowing the character for so long and having to watch him go through the same abuse again. Its nice to see him happy. At least some kind of happy Qw Q
I relate so much to this friendship
September 1st, 2014
Gosh! Qw Q
Okay firstly, I was surprised to see Hertz parents in this comic. But now im thinking Lundge is gonna show up and look after him. Im kinda excited to find out who tho.
Tough Love. Will Vanilla ever learn
I'm actually pretty excited with how this story is playing out and how much things have changed since 'Boys Lesson'. ou o
Its a little heartbreaking to find out that Herz it still having such a difficult time with others. But at the same time, completely understandable. Because he'd right. People are afraid of things they dont understand.
The Shark King is...a lovely man ;w;
Its not confusing at all.
I figured things will probably work differently for (shark) gods then they do humans.
Besides, it might be a necessity if more and more of them are traveling north xD
Aaaaw man, whats going to happen!?
Also, I like the way his eye light up.
Nilla!! <3
I love that everything is in color!
You spoil us~
First, Let me just say that I was both extremely surprised and excited to see this in my update box. Second, I'm looking forward to seeing the new re-booted version. 'Vampire Valchrist' was actually how I came across Smackjeeves nearly five or so years ago. So I'm most then happy to see that you havent given up on it yet.
YES. GOOD. Thank you uvu
Hun, life is full of new things and unplanned events. Being busy and having no time doesn't mean you have to stop writing it. But, I can understand the lack of motivation. If it means anything, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I said that I would be happy with an up-date ever six month or even a year. Then not have the comic continue at all. The truth is that you have a truly addicting and unique story here. It would be a shame for it to end before the best part even started. There still so much to learn about the characters. But this is your baby. And no one will be mad if you stop. We'll just happy to settle for sketched on your tumblr.

ALSO, I have a theory! Herz is actually a key to come kind of end of the world. And Magen was going to use him to unlock something. But then Lundge and Hirin didn't want that. They wanted to be human and took him away? Maybe. Hmmmm...
Gurl, did you draw that land scape?!
Also, Happy late birthday. :')
All you gift are so lovely.