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@Dar_Bear23: Well he isn't blushing, he is getting crushed so it is the purple thing that was in the last page
I just checked this page right now and i r laughing at flare so hard
Welp speedy is recovering. But opposite lazuli (aka CC) did extra dmg basically bcuz his back is still not better yet bcuz of silvia. So...
Hey PKM-150 is there going to be a human version of this comic
If you have good eyes you zoom in the last panel and you can see that sylvia is blushing a bit. I wonder why
Also in panel 2: leafys head, " omg so fluffy :D"
Ehm... speedy and lazuli should do a double date with leafy and flare. U know what i mean right? :>
Maybe in the future, Axel x Sunshine
6th panel. Leafy looks sad
Ehm... does anyone else think that this eevee is SO CUTE THAT YU GUYS WILL EXPLODE WITH CUTENESS 😆😆😆
The game she is talking about is the Mecha Z Warrior
@SlyTheSylveon: and flare is a fire type sooooooo....
But with leafy there... oh biscuits
But it is sad though \_(._.)_/
I know this is stupid as fudge but lazuli looks cute when she does the doll eyes