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Also in panel 2: leafys head, " omg so fluffy :D"
Ehm... speedy and lazuli should do a double date with leafy and flare. U know what i mean right? :>
Maybe in the future, Axel x Sunshine
6th panel. Leafy looks sad
Ehm... does anyone else think that this eevee is SO CUTE THAT YU GUYS WILL EXPLODE WITH CUTENESS 😆😆😆
The game she is talking about is the Mecha Z Warrior
@SlyTheSylveon: and flare is a fire type sooooooo....
But with leafy there... oh biscuits
But it is sad though \_(._.)_/
I know this is stupid as fudge but lazuli looks cute when she does the doll eyes
He did have a date with sylvia when speedy was just an eevee before
At least she likes jolteon now. Not like the past
Hmmm i wonder why vay is blushing
Welp Lazuli is savage before