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I like to draw, make sprite comics (obviously), read, watch movies, etc. I'm a fan of Bionicle, Star Wars, fantasy in general, Digimon, superheroes, sci-fi, and so forth.
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What happened to Atty's stubble in the last panel?
Oh wait they're off-panel. Never mind.
Somebody's in for a world of hurt...
That was great!
Hahahaha! Awesome! He totally deserved it.
You're alive!!! Welcome back!
Hey guys
Yeah, so I'm starting to get back in the swing of things now...hopefully I'll be able to keep up the pace a little.
Can it be?! An update so soon?! It's a miracle!!!
Here we go again...
Wow guys, I'm sorry for the delay...I just started back up in college and am swamped, but I squeaked out enough time to get this out to you. Things are definitely going to heat up from now on!!!
And feel free to comment and tell me what you think...I don't normally bite or whatever...
@CombineAssassin: You do have a good point, but be patient. This arc seems to be winding down, so I'm sure they'll be in enough danger soon enough. I mean, they've faced Dark Eldar, but they've still got how many races in the 40k universe to go through? A lot. ^_^ And most of those have stuff beasty enough to make that poor little Archon wet his pants and run back to the Shadow City. The suspense will come...along with a lot more jokes, too, I imagine.
I happen to enjoy seeing the main characters actually survive against incredible odds. And if it shows how awesome a space marine in tau-enhanced terminator armor is, then all the better!
This and the last one were supposed to be one page, but the filesize can't be over 500kb! >:(
I truly apologize.
I'm so sorry it's taken so long guys. I will get better at updating sooner. Things have been crazy with all the previously mentioned reasons, with a girlfriend added on now, too.
Wow guys
I'm sorry for the long wait. Things have been crazy between my full-time job in the evening shift, trying to maintain an active social life, and Warhammer 40k. I finally made this, and am posting it right away! Thanks for all your patience!!!
And he takes it to the faaaaaaace!!!!
Old Zeronymous takes it head on! He was just so nervous that I guess he missed the energy build up in Brick's hand. He just wanted to get the sword away from him... any guesses why?
Bowser's one of those villains that uses all the chliche villain tactics: intimidation, saving his own hide by sacrificing allies, ambitious greed making him think he can take on the main character, etc. Gotta love it.
This is gonna be a good fight, though. I'll be interested to see how Proto does against a slower, stronger end boss instead of a lightning fast one like Metal Shadow.
Longtime readers or people who have read through the archives lately will recognize Norvadu. He's the guy who gave Brick his sword in the first place.
Astro crash...
Wait, if what Plokman says is right, Megaman will have to have beaten Kirby and absorbed his power! Lol! Just thinking about it...
AAAAAAND we're back.
So we're finally back to the action. Things are stepping up a bit now, so we'll see the final confrontation between Brick and Zeronymous go down in epic epicness!!! Or something like that.
Yeah!!!! Brick rocks.
I'm back!!!! Sorry it's been so long, guys!!! But I'm back, so I'll be able to start updating as soon as I can get settled in. Thanks to all my fans who stayed with me!!!
your explanation, sir.
@megasxlr: Well, this was posted before, but I´ll explain again so that you understand.
I am serving a mission for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or, as some know us, the mormons. I´m in Chihuahua Mexico for the space of two years and don´t have time to work on my comics. Now these two years are up the 13th of December, after which I´ll be back to normal life and will be able to continue the action in full awesomeness. This filler was one I had stored up from before for just this reason, to be able to post something from time to time so you guys wouldn´t lose hope on me.
Thanks for your patience! I´ll be back soon.