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cheezie spaz
Hardly active on SJ anymore but I am highly active on deviantart
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lol love you emzies~ im planning on copying and pasting the formats though to a new page so it'll still be the same layout just, a different page xD will also help with the pageviews vs popularity and ratings since this one's just so... old xD
meet ya there scotty!
prepair yourselfs for emonyankitty gif
wow..... -brushes the dust off the comic- havent been here in ages. >3<

so yeah... lately i've realized i miss webcomic making. a lot has changed in the past year, switching schools, meeting new friends, personal stuff y'know.

for starters, i go to an art highschool now how cool is that?! my grades arent so great recently but im working on it.

also, i've been updating my deviantART account regularly so if you wanna check that out here's the link

anyway, i think i wanna get back to CKBTC. i miss it... a lot. though, im thinking about restarting it since, well, i've hit a dead end. my idea would be to just leave this comic, copy and paste the format to a brand new comic and try to update regularly, creating story boards ahead of time so i dont run out of ideas. it's been two years since i started this comic, i've matured a lot more but i havent lost my sense of humor~

anyway, i wanna know what you guys think [that is if i still have any people paying attention at this point xD;;;]

should i suck it up like a man and just keep pushing crap out here, or start anew?
sounds fantastic. im pretty busy myself but i've only got a couple weeks left of school so now would be a good time at least getting things started xP

if there is a new collab all together i'll most likely recycle cody and katrina
i've been really wanting to bring this comic back to life lately but it seems no one's really with me on this one seeing the lack of comments or anything yesterday. i miss this comic and i miss everyone D:
i decided to go back on p-chat to see if anyone was there. no one was so i made part 4.

geh something happened when i was trying to post the author's comment and it dissapeared.

ANYWAY!!! im back and i decided to continue cody's comic in a very lazy yet effective fassion.

should this comic decide to DIE again.... ಠ n ಠ and you wanna keep in touch here's my dA page since i spend a hell of a lot more time there than i do on SJ xP
lmao scotty i see our rps becoming rather interesting xD
WOOHOO THREE POSTS IN A ROW IM ON A ROLL! okay but last one for a while xD;


Patient's Name: Seth/"Echo"
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Mental Illness: Turrets
Personality: Clingy, Loving, Carefree, Loves being around people
Current and Past Behavior: it seemed, at first, that Seth's life was going smooth as ever. He got straight A's in school, got along well with most people, and was working his way to become a great chef. His parents loved him to no end. Then everything changed in a blink of an eye. Him and his parents had gotten into a car accident. Seth had made it out alive but for his parents the same wasnt true. Due to a violent jarring to the head, Seth suffered some amount of brain damage. This caused the orphaned mouse to develope a mental illness called Echolalia which is a repitition of vocolization from another person or from tv shows and other sounds. this, lead to an even wrose illness later on, Turrets. with no one able to give him the right treatment, they sent him to the bedlam where he couldnt be a danger to anyone or himself if he were to be set out in the world alone. now, he's pretty much clingy to everyone he meets and tends to 'echo' a lot of what people around him are saying. because of this he earned the nickname Echo. The boy went from being a 16-year-old honors student to pretty much being an autistic child

FIRST it has come to my attention that someone else had like the same hair as pandora so... i flipped the bang to the OTHER eye to avoid confusion so IT'S ALL GOOD.

SECOND she's flat chested now.

THIRD she's obsessed with video games and anime

Paitens Name: Pandora
Patient Number: 0002
Room Number: 2WA
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Mental Illness: Oneirophrenia [similar to schizophrenia in a few ways]
Personality: pretty layed back, blunt, and likes to keep to herself
Current and Past Behavior: when Pandora was 5 she fell into the panda cage at the zoo and was truamatized from being so close to those huge bears. because of this she has a serious phobia of pandas and is even afraid of her own name.

all her life she's been a little bit of a klepto, stealling buttons off people's clothes, accessories, hats, purses, anywhere there was a button she had to have it. she kept jars of them, books of them, put them on the wall and cieling and even made entire outfits out of them.... sometimes swallowed them to keep them out of reach of others... then got it back three days later.

her major disorder however causes her to have hallucinations, making her believe she is in alternate universes. these universes are based off of the games she plays and anime she watches.

having enough of pandora screaming panda in the middle of the night, drowning herself in buttons and throwing pokeballs at her folks, they decided to send this uncontrolable child to the bedlam where she could be contained and be someone else's problem. she has been a part of the bedlam since day one
and i got a little revamping to do with Seth and Pandora.

im making Seth not only Echololic, but he's also got Terrets xP then again they're kinda in the same thing since he only repeats what he hears and his parents used to swear a lot so YEAH!

im back after a few years >->;;; hopefully i can get some comics up soon

ALSO! i think... we should clean up this place soon.. it's a mess of past comics from years ago. im thinking about even reposting seth's and pandora's bios. still keeping the bios the same but changing the pictures and maybe adding a thing or two in the bios
he reminds me of pandora. this makes me happy
SDLJFLSD i got my laptop back and totaly forgot to check back into smackjeeves. i've been wanting to rp/make comics a lot lately and this time i'll stick to it and I'VE GOTTEN BETTER AT IT TOO!
hopefully this will clear things up and maybe next time we can get more questions
i know i havent been updating mostly because im having a hard time trying to come up with more story plot. i even made a story board to try to go by but i keep tweeking it. coming up is a new segment i like to call "randomly asked questions"
more filler untill we figure out what we're gonna do with this comic
i was busy with school (D)
that poor unfortunate Persian has me for a trainer on SoulSilver lol. i never name my pokemon any good names just stupid ridiculous names xD

so anyway, epic pokemon will be undergoing some changes and by changes i mean... possibly be completely redone becuase.. FLUFFY LEFT ON US D: so yeah me and koko are the only authors left. i wanna do something with this comic and i dunno about her yet. what im thinking is just turn it into random shit comics like this one xD

so due to lack of a third author who made this comic in the first place koko and i have some thinking to do.
omg melon you're alive!!!!! -CLING-