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I enjoy spriting, working at my own pace, and riding my bike.
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    Dustin Kessinger
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Hey Digi. Maybe when you get back you could do a female Sandslash sprite sheet?
@Lady Darkrina: Is that REALLY something to be happy about? ... Well, as long as you stay away from the DARK SIDE of the spectrum... Trust me, that shit is what REALLY made me hate MLP.
@Rina: Dammit, it got YOU too?

*proceeds to suicide*

*Respawning in 10... 9...*
LOL Female Gamma + Looks Like Cream, only Older + Apparently Organic = JACKPOT! XD

And is there any chance you could either share with me the sprites of Gamma-Cream or link me to where you acquired them?
I always find those little Author's Notes at the bottom of the comic to be hilarious. XD
My GOD, what is with the fucking PONY CRAZE lately? SERIOUSLY?
@ Wotter: What's so different for using Audino? (Currently using Litwick)
Killtacular! Killamanjaro!
Black AND White here.
Because no matter which ONE you choose, you're racist. So if you choose BOTH, you can't be accused of racism. :D
@ Rina: *steals your hammer and runs off*
@ SPH: You have Roxas. >.>
Ummm, yes, excuse me? I like Mightyenaz, and I like Mudkipz, but I do NOT like Mightykipz. Can you tell me why?
@ Akuma: There's a Good/Evil button? LOL

But seriously, I would say that the greatest hacker in Digimon would be Analogman from Digimon World 1. He hacked a fucking MACHINDRAMON into the Digital World. And back then, Ultimate was as high as you could go! That's f**king nuts, man.
Well, in Rumble Arena, Impmon Warp Digivolves to Beelzemon Blast Mode.
Hey, Bre, when I start my intro, I'm kidnapping you (taking you along as a traveling companion). LOL
January 6th, 2011
@ Ultra: Yeah, in the early stages of the game, it's a pain. But pretty soon, it's actually good to make use of as a tactic when it gets weak, because it runs at JUST the right time, meaning that it gets away from any hostile enemies. Which means that there's more room for you to take them out. And I'm referring to a Monster House room. XP
January 5th, 2011
@ Blizzard: I actually DO have that. I chose an Eevee as my partner in the game. XDD

@ Majin: I guess you could say your Beedrill is a... *puts on sunglasses* Survivor. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH...
January 3rd, 2011
@ Akuma: I have a reason for loving my Riolu with Quick Attack in PMD2.5(Explorers of Sky). It KILLS FREAKING EVERYTHING! XD