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Hi!I am Julie ^_^, a friend introduced me to this site, she uploads her manga and i enjoy seeing her progress! I am also in the process of createing a doushiji.i figure the best way for me to get the hang of creating manga is to start out with a doushiji . Some people hate the idea of doushiji but i guess it all depends on the story teller. As soon as i stop being busy with college scholarships and procrastinations i would be more than thrilled to show what i can do. However at the moment college keeps me busy, i do hope that soon i will be able to upload my work however i honestly dont have much. I recently painted a new cover for Birthmark so as soon as i can get myself to a scanner i will replace the old one with my newer better one.
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lulz this is quite amuseing, i have a b/f named, get this, Benji and my roommate's b/f's name is Alex LMFAO and obviousely this comic is BL goodness gracious me. this is ruthlessly fabulus girl. If i could draw like you, i could die happy cant wait to hear what happens next!
WHOOOO!!!! sexy!!!!
I've started a terrible new fad lmao! there should totally be an LC pin up calender what month would sora be...perhapse mr.april?
awwwww i love his little face and his big feet! lmao!
Awwwwies thats sooo sweet, love owl city!!!!
Awwwies pretty hair
Finally some drama! OwO
Awwwwwies i love eve and i love how she calls people "kiddo" ^U^
lol i'd love to kno who everyone is in the little group i can tell who some are but i still wanna kno who they r ^U^
Awwwwwies so true lmao
I LOVE IT! *insta fave*
Awwww he is a major cutie! lol he makes me think of honey sempai from ouran high school host club. Way cute!
Awwwwies he's really kool ^_^ awsome-ness
Awwwwies did eve get a new hair doo?
Awwwwwies how sweet!
awwwwwies so kewt!
Awwwwies Wow! congrats!
lol sweet how very vain he is
i didnt kno cendrik had longish hair