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@OhaiYaoiFanHere: unfortunately due to geographical distance between myself and the other artist, it was difficult to manage and the work wasn't coming out at it's best. I really hope to one day do a a two shot to wrap up the ideas that I had for the story, but I don't for see that happening any time soon.

So sorry for the tears, there were some tears on this side as well ;v;)/

Thanks for your support while the series was still running,
tearful suspense
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! omg!!! was the dumb thing that he did it or that he didn't! AHHHHHHH!!!!! suspense hahaha XD <3
@Miyu: it is really sad ;v;)" but life just a got very busy for both myself and sweety. We had to stop. Sorry
haha, my perverted mind kicks in as i see this and i'm like
ohhhhh Zack is gunna need some comforting! his creative soul!!!!

but then my logical mind is like

there aren't that many "h"s in oh >:-0
January 20th, 2012
ooohhhhhhh his outfit! THE BOW!!! my heart! EVERYTHING!! SO KICKASS!
ummm.... ^^" panel 6 and 7 are creating a tangent with her hair and the negative space.... i hope this doesn't sound mean º;^;º"
@Kiku: I have a few left, so yes... not quite sure how to e-mail you :-0 but feel free to drop me a line @ my e-mail
i'd still buy it >u< just because i've been with the story so long! <3
< 33333333
ze end of tissue < 3
OMG i love this game!!! <3 more dance offs!! <3
1 of 2 <3

February 24th, 2011
AHHHHHHHHHHHH i've missed ur sketch comics!! i'm so glad they're back!! <3
Henry and Richerd !
i kinda want to know the sad ending XD a lot
sooooooooooooooooo a few days after i posted last times update, i got SUPER grouse sick with the stomach flu and i was incapacitated for quite some time TT3TT" so i'm srry fer the long wait

*hides under bed*

GET MARRIED XD <3 do it... in 10 year!!! do it! <3
hahaha XD this is a great comic!!! <3 (tho there seemed to be words missing in some bubbles :-m idk if they where on purpose or not... )
GUH! CLIFF!! :-0 3 years! it be a long time! but i'm drooling on myself at the thought of they're older selves! GUH! lady boners all over! <3
:-m mandark! you're a drama queen!!!
AHHHH! this is frightening me!!!! D: