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I like Steven Universe, Sally Face, and Phantom of the Opera! I'm a pansexual teenage girlflux gal who enjoys a good YAOI story.
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This is going to end well
They're trapped in the car underwater. It's not filling with water yet, but they can't get the doors and windows open. They'll suffocate if you don't get someone down there to help them
I love how this is happening on page 69
@guest: Omggg you're right
He's making the expression of his facial glitch, every time he does that from now on I'm gonna be so paranoid that it's gonna be the end for Lux
That last panel is so adorable <3
I'm reading this while waiting until tomorrow until I can replace my broken phone, and I've never related to a comic panel so much XD
I am 100% certain that this cat is up to something
Anyone else flashing back to the childish (and admittedly not fantastic, although not terrible) wallpaper that Sputnik drew at Teri's wallpaper way back when, towards the beginning of the book? I wonder if he like completely gave up art around the time that Lux died, and that might've been around the time that Gram's dad shaped him into the asshole we all know and hate. Sputnik was probably under a lot of stress, combining that with how stressed we see his dad making him ALREADY, and I bet he just completely gave up on art for years. He wasn't happy for a long time (despite what his facial glitch would lead us to believe), and his artistic passion lowered with his mood. Happiness for Teri joining him at the Cube was likely the only thing driving him to draw that picture in the first place
Oh, that makes a lot of sense!
Haha I love your name
We getting back to the main story soon?
Poor Sputnick's dad ;-;
That third panel I'm wheezing XD
I love "The other Kim." I have a common name and I do that too
*That's* why his face is stuck like that
@SecretlyEuropean: Yeah and that's a good thing

@Doof: Lmao