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And set anchor on rejection
Who here wants leafy to find out all these are coincidences and something else (not that speedy likes her)/leafy
And no one was comenting
Anyone read what I wrote?
And I may have just caused a war between me and people who want speedy and lazuli together and no one is changing my mind also I can feel when something is going to go and (this is an IF) speedy and leafy get together I'll be laughing a ton at everyone
Anyone remember the ghost chasing them comic that's where I got the brother thing also wouldn't that mean that something would happen with lazuli and speedy too????(more questions I can't answer[also it's what the creator does not me but If I were the creator I would have that in mind
Anyone remember how leafy said speedy was like a brother to her and speedy is solarflares brother so that would mean the leafy feels like solar is a brother to her too?????
Someone get a therapist
Anyone just like all the other pokemon designs
And the captain dies after seeing it
Anyone going to question how old speedy is he said 2 years ago?
Anyone just love it
Anyone just love how vay when blizz said "i want to cuddle your plushie" and vays eyes were like he knowsss (nvm it was the one before nego)
And that enemy ship is speedy and lazuli also no one will change my mind ps speedy needs a healthy relationship
Also nothing will change my mind (jumps out window before anyone complains in -5 weather)
Nope get out speedy and leafy forever
I feal like leafy might have to come back or someone
No this is 2 months and a few days ago than when he said
Wait both of them their eyes turned normal human eyes????