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Me: Gamer, Otaku, cosplayer, web-tech, pises
Likes: PS2/PS3/PC games, anime, rock climbing, swimming, reading, writing, drawing, roller skating, and learning Japanese and HTML/CSS/SWF/Java/etc
Dislikes: Stupidity, eggplant, closed-minded people, other stuff >.>

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what thanksgiving holiday is complete without a rush to the emergency room due to someone's bad cooking XD
I think these got posted in reverse...
Though you made this back in june >.> had to say, love the substitute of blood for water- very nice =^_^=
I wanna pet her!! so cute!
kyaa! cute brave little firelizard ^_^ love your style so much

and K'mlar's all *frozen* i'm good ...i'm good...
love your icon electric hehe....

beautiful art on these pages for sure!
I had a total Miroku (inuyasha) thought there though...
"He's possesed! Help!"
"No..he's good...."
Wee Sapphire-kun!!~
He was always my fav of the black moon *glomps* And Diamond deserves to be scolded, cocky older brother figure lol
heh "you died dumbass" - not as nice the second time around huh lady XD
saw before you plugged in Batman, but now has a Fav button! \(^-^)/
I love his face in the last pannel lol
total lol at your comment to lulu moon- had to read twice cause the first time through I got an image of a bishy vamp in strawberry undies XD
story love <3
they left Red laying on the floor didn't they XD
and loves for the spoon reflection and last pannel- the last one totally brought Riddick to mind though...I kill you with my tea spoon.... >.>
boob check hehe
Oh my...
I just found this today and in my humble opinion- You Rock!!!!!
The art is wonderful and your story line is wicked! I've been reading Pern stories since I was little and its amazing to see this! Keep it up! I'm looking forward to reading it!
Key word being yet lol
<3 still loving your plot and drawing!
puppy love XD so cute!
First thought to go through my head upon seeing this- "she should totally go for pulling down his pants just to see what he does"
>.>;; i have no idea why....
love the comic btw! will try to comment more <3