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Well dang, good thing ash didnt get the yubikiri, because when i translated it from japanese, it meant "Finger remover"
@Cathode: i dont think it is a Bable Funch,but still, good advice
Whoa! now that is some awesome scenery! and look at those statues!
whoah! look at that doorway! im getting some Japanese temple vibes already
yeah, i kinda forgot that the rats in the dungeons were sentient, my bad
wait what!? they arent gonna get the frog legs!? those are the best part, as a southerner, i for one am most displeased
seriously, why not get a finch? just sell the rude bird you got before for a comedy act and get one that actually works!
@Dark: true, either that, or the basement, if this were a dungeon crawler, but they already went to the basement
I have to ask, i know one of the characters from the ghosts of x-mas comic was in this comic, but correct me if im wrong, but did you base it off of pyramid head from silent hill?
@Judge Hodor MD: maybe Embalmer hired her as some sort of bodyguard while he got stuff from the stores there
@psych i have to ask, what the hekk are willa and embalmer doing in the slightly damned comic!? (for those who want to find them, it's slightly damned #663)
@Psych i am a recent reader of your comics, and i have to say, what an amazing comic you have here! really, whenever i read this, i feel like i am reading a sort of mix between skyrim and legend of zelda! speaking of elder scrolls, maybe you could do a comic based on skyrim? just a thought i think would be good to put out here
well, just dont use any kind of worms with mushrooms on 'em, cause you may be in for a bad time (terraria players will understand)
@EddieSpaghetti : well, it was more of an ensnaring, which mean that she immobilized him without actually hurting him, unlike before, where she clobbered some drunk over the head
why did i think of the hellsing ultimate abridged scene where alucard says "Jesus wants a hug!" when i saw debbie say that was a ninja run?
ok, what the hekk happened to this shade, as it appears it just went full carnage mode and is about to go john carpenter's the thing on the next person she finds
@VirBee: that is exactly what i was thinking seriously what went thru my head was"are we seriously doing a reference to "The Thing"?!
@MooseHowl: that, and you can never go to a concert, as the sound destabilizes them and you just end up buck naked(note, what i mean by that, is that some can shift to match regular clothing for stealth, but it still helps to wear stuff anyways in case of loud noises or extreme heat, so that people dont see you "in your birthday suit")
@Guest: when I say dud, i mean any kind of explosive device, whether intentional or not, that does not go off when the fuse finishes burning