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the dead physco
an insane artsit that got hit by a bus and came back to life now calling himself the dead physco
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i guess i know who you secret santa was
i guess i shall follow to shadow i am sorry guys its time
i may never forgive you (just kiddin) yes i forgive you
I think i might be able to fix duzie mark 5 so him and mark 4 can meet i wanted him to stay alive but shadow had to kill him off
yea thats right she was kicked down the stairs
last time turtle was thrown at setzu in which i havent had time to post sorry .......... now i think of it i haven't posted in a year
i watched your video too its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to say shadow you have out done your self this time
yea man when can i get one (just kidding) it really looks cool
cool whats next man cant wait
i still think it is pretty cool
i think it looks good shadow when will you make another post i want to see more
hey look i am sorry for baggering you over a silly mistake but look i am looking forward to looking at your drawings on deviantart.
hey it was poblibley for the best anyways you could have shown me a few things about drawing
and if any one should say any ting it should be the collab OWNER not you