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Just a regular person that draws webcomics.
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The Sheriff seems motivated to put the baddies in their place. Will he able to pull it off? Stay tuned to find out!

Also, in a few days, I'll be making at the very least the latest chapters of the written storyavailiable on this site as well, so poeple can read them all at once if they want to.
It seems that our sheriff has arrived! Will he bring the pain to the Combine's baddies and save Cargo? Stay tuned to find out!
While Wreckmeister's courage is commendable, he failed miserably at protecting Cargo...
Tracermobile surely is quirky. Is it all it wants? A stroll with its precious? Stay tuned to find out what happens next!
It seems that their time has run out! The Combine is there to take Ms. Cargo, for whatever reason they might have to do so... What happens next? Stay tuned for Chapter 2 and find out!
While the reinforcements have been called, they'll most likely arrive a little too late.
Those two are on a pickle for sure...
Crisis averted! The girl now has a name, even though it's a silly one.
And that's when things get complicated... Not only she doesn't know why she's being chased, but she also can't remember her own name.
The girl might not know much about BeamNG Land, but she surely is able to come up with accurate descriptions of what she's told about.
Apparently, the girl is not a native to BeamNG Land. She doesn't know a thing about the place.
We know it's a good story when the one telling it starts with "it sounds really crazy"...
There we go! He found the intruder. However, is that all there is? Certainly not. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
Hoping for a promotion, the cop looks for signs of wrongdoing at the warehouse. He may find more than what he was looking for, though...
Really? Trying to pull a Snake? Will it work? Stay tuned to find out!
Given how worried our girl is, she's being chased by something awful...