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Semi-good artist

Likes video games, animations, comics, and reading

Favorite Fandoms: Gravity Falls, Undertale, Deltarune, K-Pop, CreepyPasta, etc.
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I like the One Punch Man reference, xD
Oh, god, those eyes are scary, xD
I like the comic so far! Hope to see more of it in the future, :DDDDD
Cool! Nice to know about all your incredible achievements, x3.
So... what happened to Gaster? Where do you think he is right now?
Yeah, speaking of which... how DID you fix the tab-... wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you the real name of this thing....
Whatever, the main question is, how did you fix this thing?
I like the new page!!! And I hope you get better soon, ;-;
‘oh my god, I'm gonna die at a parade'
Sounds like your'e having a bit of a black parade, buddy, *finger guns*👉👉
*lets out a big sigh of relief* oh thank the HEAVENS, I got so worried there... a-anyways, how are you? :D
Pffft, I love all the forth-wall breaks in this, xD
Papyrus-Chara be looking like a cool Emperor on that ice-throne, B)
K, so, two things could happen:

1. Adam will beat the fluffing out of EdgyTM Blueberry.
2. Adam will get up and try to do that, but then we have a surprise angery Tabbs.

Take your pick, 👌
No problem! And thank you for creating this, it is an AWESOME comic series!!! :D
Oh, right, my bad, xD
Gaster, I swear to God, if you hARM MY METTATON—
fRISK, RUN-!!!
Charamy and Chararessa
*cough* Right, well, let's change the subject. How are your friends? :)
Np. Thanks for creating this comic, x3
Probably both, lmao