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Semi-good artist

Likes video games, animations, comics, and reading

Favorite Fandoms: Gravity Falls, Undertale, Deltarune, K-Pop, CreepyPasta, etc.
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Oh dear lord, Temmie looks so cUTE!!!!!!!!
Grillby, I swear to god, if you hARM OUR BABY GIRL—
Oh, uh... no reason. Just curious about... numbers. Heh....
Huh... how many Determination magic users are there? If you don't mind me asking, :3
Crud, I'm kinda shipping Chats-Kid and Frisk—
Wait- ‘together’? As in... kissy-and-cuddly together...? owO
Singing? You sing, Faye? Can we hear your singing voice? :DDD If you want, of course.
Pffft, what, are ya gonna make Aster invisible or something, Faye? xD
I think it's both—
Mm... well, just... be careful, as you learn more about the tablet, Aster. Just in case.
Oh, they dead—
They hella dead—
Uh... Aster? You alright there...? :/
I like the One Punch Man reference, xD
Oh, god, those eyes are scary, xD
I like the comic so far! Hope to see more of it in the future, :DDDDD
Cool! Nice to know about all your incredible achievements, x3.
So... what happened to Gaster? Where do you think he is right now?
Yeah, speaking of which... how DID you fix the tab-... wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you the real name of this thing....
Whatever, the main question is, how did you fix this thing?
I like the new page!!! And I hope you get better soon, ;-;
‘oh my god, I'm gonna die at a parade'
Sounds like your'e having a bit of a black parade, buddy, *finger guns*👉👉