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At least they have an advantage over doctor glasses, however long that'll last.
This arc has been great
We got a new member and Beans got a new power. The art is as good as always and continues to improve. Can't wait to see what happens next.
They are only a few rooms away from victory!
@zignoff: I think it was in either the 400s or the 1400s but I can't check since it resets once a month.
MC really has grown changed for the better :)
Beans,the fattest hero the world has ever known.
This should be good ;)
The true villain arises.
A.I. gauntlet for the win
Ghost in the System 2:Return of the Phantom Face
I hope this means that Goonba is coming back. Or the floating face will get caught. Either is good.
Ad space might help
I found your comic one day as I was looking on a site that ranked comics. I think that more people would read your comic if put a ad linking to the comic. Your comic is interesting and other people just don't know that it exist.