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@zignoff: I've heard the name but never actually watched the show.
New game, same MC
At least he knows the goal of the game.
At least they have an advantage over doctor glasses, however long that'll last.
This arc has been great
We got a new member and Beans got a new power. The art is as good as always and continues to improve. Can't wait to see what happens next.
They are only a few rooms away from victory!
@zignoff: I think it was in either the 400s or the 1400s but I can't check since it resets once a month.
MC really has grown changed for the better :)
Beans,the fattest hero the world has ever known.
This should be good ;)
The true villain arises.
A.I. gauntlet for the win
Ghost in the System 2:Return of the Phantom Face
I hope this means that Goonba is coming back. Or the floating face will get caught. Either is good.
Ad space might help
I found your comic one day as I was looking on a site that ranked comics. I think that more people would read your comic if put a ad linking to the comic. Your comic is interesting and other people just don't know that it exist.