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I'm just a bummer that works feeding kids at a middle school and uses her free time to draw, write and read comics.
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    Camila Vázquez Márquez
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I left this for a second and a month and a half already passed XD I like the Lon Lon Milk actually filling hearts and I guess partially being Chateu Romani. I also loved the Milk Bars thing, bc Majora's Mask is my fav game!
This Malon is way different than the actual Malon from Ocarina of Time, it's closer to Cremia, but it's still different, and I like that. It's original.
Aww, Link is cute
It is, there's no way this dehydrated skeleton could be someone else (btw check out the Hydrated Ganondorf memes, they funny XD)!
Ah, thanks, @Hunter -sensei! Don't worry, since last incident we just will wait ;)
Malon: WHAT!?
Link: ...hi.
Wah! Come to think about it, in this scene the landscape is similar to my grandfather's land, it's just that this land is close to my house and I often go there. So much memories of him
Maybe the wind blowing through long grass? Considering the stalker incident that had Ganon up at night, it can be anything😶
Haha, no worries, Hunter-sensei
...and who's the person standing there!? Is a scarecrow or is actually someone?
Oh boy, the landscape is nice! I wanna color it😊
Of course he's tired! I'll be sincere, this page is really cute (*v*)
We're so happy this finally happened!