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me: *slowly dies*
If you want it done (probably not but idk):

Name: Mewie
Age: ???
B-Day: ???
Species: Shiny Mew
Level: 100
Gender: Girl
Moveset: YES
Items: Bag of Infinity (Once every 30 seconds, you can pull 1 item out of the bag, except another Bag of Infinity)
Information: Often energetic and childish
Appearance: Has a top hat

and for added challenge:

Swarm_Of_Eeveelutions (17 so far!)
Name: In Info
Age: Varies, most are young but a few are older
B-Day: Varies
Species: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Sylveon and Eevee with respective looks
Level: Varies with type
Gender: Varies
Moveset: There are so many they pretty much can use any available move to them
Items: Scarves that resemble or are the color of the eeveelution that is wearing them, quite a few of them have Berry Bags (seemly has infinite berries in them)
Special: They can use themselves to form into objects and even a larger form of an eevee
Info: 2 umbreons, Midnight (Male(the oldest one, at 18)) and Moon (Female) 1 Flareon, Flare (Male) 2 Vaporeons, Tsunami (Female) and Wave (Female) 1 Jolteon, Spark (Male) 3 Espeons, Bright (Female), Dawn (Female), and Dusk (Male) 2 Glaceons, Frost (Female) and Winter (Male) 1 Leafeon, Grass (Male) 3 Eevees, Sun (Female), Fluffy (Male), and Alexandrite (Female) 2 Sylveons, Gliondar (Male), and Soufflune (Female)
Looks: Varies (I should probably update these)
Name: Denari
Age: about 52
B-Day: dunno
Species: Meowth-Ditto
Level: workin on it
Gender: Male
Moveset: things
Items: stuff
Special: N/A
Name: Copy
Age: N/A
B-Day: N/A
Species: Ditto
Level: 100
Gender: Male usually
Moveset: Whatever pokemon they are, they can use those moves.
Items: Plethora of things.
Special: ???
Information: Not much. Just avoid them. HP: 9999 Attack Power: 50
Appearance: looks like whatever they are

do i get any chocolate
September 3rd, 2019
2 gay bois under an umbrella in the rain =) this is nice
whos the new person? idk lol


This is fine. this is fine. *the multiverse is imploding* still fine
*there seems to be a fox with 2 tails asleep in the cart. Wake them up?
why are you making the dog like annoying dog from undertale
when ur in a rp battle and the opponent won't accept defeat and constantly is op