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I like anime, manga, writing, drawing, psych., playing guitar and drums. I've always wanted to have a webcomic, despite the fact that I have no art skills what so ever. Still, I'm not one to let lack of skill get in my way!
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    J.J. Johnson
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Wasn't lying
Just so you guys don't think I'm dead or was lying to get out of work. I really have been practicing my ass off. Here's some proof, gettin' better eh?
Blarg. I'm so ashamed of this one. Sorry guys.
Kinda proud of this one. I've been wanting to do a Stage shot for a while, glad I finally did one and even managed to work a short joke in there. Still experimenting in photoshop. Excuse the lack of shading, totally ran out of time. This strip was finished at like 11:45PM on the night it was supposed to go up at midnight. O.o
I'm proud as hell on this one. Seriously, made me feel all fuzzy inside. Tried some new shading techniques, what do you think?
Whoot. This strip is the first in a few that involve the "super fan". Who, by the way, is ACTUALLY based on a real person. INCLUDING his actions and, I'm not kidding. Just wait and see. Heh, this is gonna be my new favorite character. Also, on the art side. This was the first strip I shaded in photoshop. So yea, practice makes perfect on it. Also, the first time I've used lighting effects, also photoshop. I'm speaking, of course, of the second and third panel. On a final note, if you do not find this strip funny, don't worry, you MAY not be the only one. It's not so much an inside joke as just a "rising band" joke. So yea, it's more of a set up for future super fan strips anyways. Blarg, I've rambled long enough.
A very kickass guest strip by the very talented Gin at Check her stuff out, funnilicious.
I'm quite proud of this one actually.
Ugh. The new strip started out looking so awesome...and this crap comes out. I really need to practice. See you Tuesday.
The notes on this one suck ass, damn photoshop last minute add ons. Anyways, yea, here it is. It's ok. Blarg. See you Tuesday.
Seriously, it's not what you think. Wanking is what most guitarist do when their playing without actually thinking about what their playing. Basically putting together random strings of notes and other such riffs. To the player, it sounds alright cause your just screwing around. To anyone else in the room, it sounds like utter crap and nonsense. Ah, the world of music.
Much like Les' bio says about his personality, I'm pretty much neutral on this one. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I was going for a buddha type thing.
I'm kinda proud of this one. Tried to add some more detail then normal with the torso, trying to get my style down. And for the record, the eyes aren't like that out of laziness, it was well planned ahead for Huey to have the "squinty eye" look.
I'm on the fence with this one. Again, the wording provided some challenge.
Not sure about this.
Frankly I love the way the set came out, but I think I may have gone overboard with the shading. Also, wording this one SUCKED. But that's the best I could do without shrinking the actually shot down so much it lost quality among other things.
Finished this one in two days. Lots of hard work. I'm pretty pleased with it, except the tele. That tele looks crappy. However, you have no idea how long it took me to just get it that close. Friggen' curves are HARD. Next profile up soon.
Strip 1
Whoo! This took WAY to long to draw! Enjoy! And yes, I know the third panel is crap.
Im ashamed for anyone to look at this strip. Let me fomerly apologize for the horrible-ness-ocity that is panel 2. What the hell is with all that empty space? man that was just horrible.
ok, drawing characters running turned out to be alot harder than i thought, oh well, didnt turn out to bad, you can tell theyre running....right?
Well, if you didnt read the news post. I am quite happy with the way this strip turned out, it was all but perfect. Especially considering how well this position for the JJ sprite turned out, best one Ive made so far really.
I gotta say, I am very happy with how this one turned out. All exept how JJ looks in the last panel. The head is to egg shaped and the body is to square.